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2012 'BMM3FBM&TUBUF WWW0ALO!LTO/NLINECOMsWWW!LMANAC.EWSCOM Peter Duxbury )*()&/%."3,&5(0&4(-0#"REALTORS CAST THEIR NETS WIDER TO FIND RIGHT BUYER by Kate Daly 5 he high-end housing market has gotten so global these days, local Realtors say they now have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on multi-media campaigns both here and abroad to gain maximum exposure for their property listings. Top: A home at 437 Whiskey Hill Road in Woodside was initially listed at $17.5 million, but has dropped to $15.995 million. The property includes a 5,851-square-foot English country manor as well as two guest cottages, a pool and a vineyard on more than 6 acres. Above: Villa Lauriston, a 28.5 acre estate at 5050 Alpine Road in Portola Valley, is on the market for $15.95 million, down from $20 million last year. Page 33 I Fall Real Estate Special Section In the $15 to 20 million-dollar home range, “the pool of buyers is very limited� and increasingly coming from overseas, according to Steve Gray with Coldwell Banker’s Woodside office. In the past year he’s had clients flying in from Shanghai and Beijing to look at the property he has listed at 437 Whiskey Hill Road in Woodside. Built in 2001, the 5,851square-foot English country manor features two guest cottages, a pool and a vineyard on more than 6 acres. The asking price was initially $17.5 million and has dropped to $15,995,000. He says pricing an estate like this “is very, very dif(continued on page 36)

Fall Real Estate 2012 - Section 2

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