Issuu on Google+ Vol. XXXIV, Number 1 N October 5, 2012 AN ALMANAC, MOUNTAIN VIEW VOICE AND PALO ALTO WEEKLY PUBLICATION HOME+GARDEN FALL 2012 IN TOUCH WITH THE NEIGHBORHOOD IN MENLO PARK | PAGE 4 FROM EYESORE TO BEST ON BLOCK IN MOUNTAIN VIEW | PAGE 12 Inside: Fall Home & Garden Design MORE ROOM FOR BOOKS IN PALO ALTO | PAGE 18 IN PALO ALTO | PAGE 24 PROGRAM INSIDE: United Nations Film Festival News 3 Transitions 15 Spectrum 16 Eating Out 28 ShopTalk 29 Movies 30 Puzzles 70 NArts Human dignity: ямБlms that are timely, global Page 24 NSports Stanford homecoming on an unbeatable day Page 32 NHome What does it take to be a net-zero energy home? Page 37

Palo Alto Weekly 10.05.2012 - Section 1

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