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6ÂœÂ?°Ê888]ĂŠ ՓLiÀÊÎxĂŠUĂŠĂ•Â˜iĂŠÂŁ]ÊÓä£ÓÊN xäZ Sharing the pain: City ups fees Page 3 Passionate residents rally to protect animal services from outsourcing Saving the Shelter page 22 Pulse 16 Spectrum 18 Eating Out 31 ShopTalk 32 Movies 33 Puzzles 65 NArts Music on every corner on World Music Day Page 27 NSports Stanford baseball makes pitch for CWS berth Page 35 NHome Sunset presents ultimate outdoor living room Page 41

Palo Alto Weekly 06.01.2012 - Section 1

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