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Palo Alto 6ÂœÂ?°Ê888]ĂŠ ՓLiÀÊ{Ă“ĂŠUĂŠĂ•Â?ÞÊÓÎ]ÊÓä£äÊN xäZ Inside this issue Summer Home + Garden Design AN ALMANAC, MOUNTAIN VIEW VOICE AND PALO ALTO WEEKLY PUBLICATION SUMMER 2010 DESIGNER ADDS DRAMA IN PALO ALTO HOME PAGE 16 BREAKING DOWN BARRIERS IN PALO ALTO I PAGE 4 NO MORE BORING BOXES IN MOUNTAIN VIEW I PAGE 8 DRAMATIC PORCH ENHANCES LIFE IN MENLO PARK I PAGE 25 w w page 15 1ST PLACE GENERAL EXCELLENCE California Newspaper Publishers Association Spectrum 12 Movies 27 Eating Out 29 Puzzles 60 NArts Paying tribute to Django’s ‘gypsy jazz’ Page 23 NSports Jeremy Lin signs with the Warriors Page 32 NHome How edible is your garden? Page 37

Palo Alto Weekly 07.23.2010 - section 1

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