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} Isis Project celebrates historical women and inspires young girls page 6 { The women’s basketball team sweeps weekend games in UTSA Thanksgiving Classic page 8 Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio {SINCE 1981} The San Antonio Small Business Development Center at UTSA will be hosting free and low-cost training sessions for smalls business owners and entrepreneurs. Details at San Antonio Former San Antonio Mayor Phil Hardberger, 79, is expected to fully recover from a recent cardiovascular surgery to unclog an artery. Issue 29 Smoking ban not working December 3, 2013 Alejandra Barraza Staff Writer Daryl Smith / The Paisano UTSA Lorenzo Garcia Staff Writer The voice of the UT System’s student communities is being threatened. According to Zack Dunn – President of the UTSA Student Government Association – the UT System Board of Regents will be holding a special meeting on Dec. 14 to discuss the revision of the Student Referendum Process (SRP). Dunn is part of the UT System Student Advisory Committee (UT- UTSA Head football The Raodrunners were picked to finish last in the C-USA West Division. But UTSA didn’t see things that way, winning five straight games to end the season and finish second in the division. See UTSA, Page 8 SSAC), an organization composed of high-ranking student leaders from each of the UT System’s nine universities and six medical centers. The council provides input to the UT System Board of Regents by working through and with the Chancellor and UT System Administration on is- sues of student concern. Last week during a conference call, UT System Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa informed UTSSAC of his intention to change the SRP. Under the current SRP, a Student Government Association (SGA) can propose a referenSee OVERLOOKED, Page 3 Garcia: Liberal to conservative Courtesy of Danny Khalil The U.S., Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China reached a deal with the Iranian Government to halt its nuclear weapons program over the weekend. On Thursday, Dec. 4 the UTSA Women’s volleyball team will open their NCAA Tournament run against the Texas A&M Aggies at 4:30 p.m. Larry Coker Regents to stifle student involvement World Sports Although UTSA is a smokefree campus, students are still smoking in corners, on rooftops and along railways, prompting questions about the effectiveness of the policy. “I told the team that if you learned anything from this season — don’t let people label you. Go out and be the best you can be, I think if we learned anything — that was it.” This past Saturday at San Antonio College, State Senator Leticia Van de Putte (D-San Antonio) announced plans to run for Lieutenant Governor in 2014. She will run against current Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and Sen. Dan Patrick (RHouston). This past Sunday, the Obama Administration said it achieve its goal of making work for a “vast majority” of users after two months of criticism over the site’s many flaws. Football defies odds to finish season 7-5 Texas U.S. {WWW.PAISANO-ONLINE.COM} UTSA Lindsay Smith / The Paisano UTSA Volume 48 Garcia received a certificate in the Fall of 2011 as an official UTSA Young Democrat member. Sarah Gibbens News Editor The University of Texas at Austin Young Conservatives made headlines recently for their controversial “Catch an Illegal Immigrant,” game. The premise of the game involved a group of students walking around the UT Campus wearing shirts that said “Illegal Immigrant.” Students were then incentivized to “catch” one of the students wearing these shirts and turn them in for a gift card prize of $25. The event was cancelled after school administration threatened to take action. The game was organized by UT Young Conservative Chairman Lorenzo Garcia. Garcia, however, has not always been known for his conservative values. The former UTSA CAP student was a member of the Young Democrats at UTSA during his freshman year from fall 2011 to spring 2012. Matthew DeWall, junior political science major at UTSA, was the secretary of the UTSA Young Democrats at the time that Garcia joined the group. “He was very active within the group and we (the Young Democrats) even endorsed him for the SGA Senate race,” said DeWall. Garcia was also active in his role as a freshman senator in the Student Government Association. Danny Khalil was president of the Young Democrats at UTSA at the time of Garcia’s membership. “When I first met him he told me he wanted to be a civil rights attorney,” said Khalil. “I think around 2012 he turned markedly more conservative. I believe he was disenchanted with President Obama and became enamored with now Senator Ted Cruz’s Tea Party message.” Garcia spoke to online news source Buzzfeed about his reasoning behind the “Catch an Illegal Immigrant” game. “I’d been thinking about the event for a while since President Obama said he wanted to pursue amnesty after healthcare. It made me think about illegal immigration in general,” said Garcia. “I thought it (the game) would be a good way to spark debate at UT.” On June 1, 2013 UTSA began a ‘transition phase’ for the smoking policy on campus. This transition period was supported by research from other universities showing that a transition phase facilitates change in behavior and culture. During this transition period – which is currently in effect – smoking is only permitted on certain surface parking See DEFIANCE, Page 3 Puppy zone? UTSA Alejandra Barraza Staff Writer With finals approaching, UTSA’s Student Government Association (SGA) has been formulating an event to help with the stress of finals week. One proposal offers students the opportunity to interact with puppies for up to 10 minutes in what is unofficially called the “Puppy Zone.” The stress-free zone will be located next to the UC Paseo stairs and in the grassy area between the H-E-B University Center and McKinney Humanities Building. The idea is supported by research showing that interaction with pets decreases the level of cortisal – a stress hormone – in people and increases endorphins, which lead to feelings of happiness. “Every semester we have finals and students are always stressed….this type of zone would serve students who just want to go and de-stress for a while, get away from tests, get away from classes,” said SGA’s appointed University Advancement Committee Chair Alex Guajardo, who is in charge of the project. Proposed by UTSA’s student body through the means of suggestion slips on the Student Government Association booth, the “Puppy Zone” is also receiving outside support. The Protection of Animal Welfare and Safety (PAWS) has offered to provide small fences to keep the puppies in a secure and safe environment, and the Humane Society will be providing puppies of less than a year old weighing one to three pounds. With research conducted by the Harvard Medical School showing pets improve people’s psychological well-being and self-esteem, this puppy-zone has proven worthy of numerous institutions. “A lot of universities have actually already adopted this type of program, so in that sense we wanted to adopt it as well for the students,” stated Guajardo. Other schools in Texas who have adopted this “Puppy Zone” include Texas State University, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and Rice University. Attention has been brought to the “Puppy Zone” initiative, but it likely won’t be implemented until finals week of Spring 2014.

The Paisano Volume 48 Issue 29

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