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Roaring MARIN BEST of 2011 Whether you’re in the market for a state-of-the-art Diamondback mountain bike, or merely need to give an older model a bit of a tune up, Mike’s Bikes is worth every penny-farthing. modern Times While the post-World War I era of factory labor, conveyor-line industry and smoke-spewing jalopies wasn’t renowned for its environmentalism, the first great American conservation movement was picking up steam. Theodore Roosevelt had recently established the National Park Service and action was taken to protect endangered bison and other imperiled species (alas, we weren’t in time to save the passenger pigeon). Marinites of the ’20s were already “going green” with land preservation (thank you, William Kent), locally grown agriculture and pre-locavore fermenting of all the rye, wheat and juniper berries we could get our hands on. Today’s green-minded county entrepreneurs are proudly carrying on the tradition... BEST BIKE SHOP “Bikes bring joy,” says Mike’s Bikes general manager Dan Sankey, “and we want people coming in to the store to be excited about riding.” Whether the customer is a seasoned, spandex-clad cyclist with the sweetest of sweet all-weather gear simply looking for the newest Specialized component, or a parent who has just removed little Johnny’s training wheels and needs a new helmet for his ever-expanding head, the staff at Mike’s Bikes continues to win the hearts of Marin cyclists with stellar customer service. Now with nine Northern California locations and an international nonprofit program bringing bikes and training programs to remote regions of Africa, the awesomeness of Mike’s Bikes transcends Marin and spreads throughout the world. ----------------------------------------------Mikes Bikes timeless. The magic of strolling through an enchanting garden is captivating. Combine the two and you get a euphoric experience. Head to Muir Beach, and when you’ve had your fill of sand, waves and sea breezes, walk south from the bridge to the parking area, heading back toward the creek. Follow the signs to Green Gulch Farm Zen Center . The trail winds through marshland and suddenly, there is a gate to the gardens at Green Gulch. Stunning and varied, paths meander through different outdoor “rooms” defined by specimen plants, orchards and cultivated fields. Both sides of the main trail hold mystery and amazement. At press time, Redwood Creek, which separates Muir Beach from Green Gulch Farm, was undergoing a restoration project that may have altered the trail, although it was still open. —Brooke Jackson 836 4th St., San Rafael 454.3747; #1 Gate 6 Rd., Sausalito 332.3200 2ND Mt. Tam Bikes, Mill Valley 3RD Sunshine Bicycles, Fairfax ----------------------------------------------Muir Beach Staff Pick BEST BUSINESS THAT PROMOTES GOING GREEN BEST PLACE TO FIND INNER PEACE The magic of walking on a beach is Off Shoreline Hwy., Muir Beach Good Earth is very proud to be the community’s store. As a leader in the promotion of green business practices, Good Earth’s owners feel a responsibility to hold high standards in what they carry, even if it hurts their bottom line. Each type of produce is labeled with its place of origin and miles traveled; foods are grown or prepared with no pesticides, minimal processing and no food additives. Organic, no-GMO, local and sustainable are all standards that the Good Earth strives to meet, giving customers the information they need to make food choices that are right for their bodies and the Earth. The new location, the long-vacant Albertsons in Fairfax, will be a groundbreaker in green technology when it opens in October. ----------------------------------------------Good Earth Natural Foods 1966 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Fairfax 454.0123 2ND Marin Sanitary Service, San Rafael 3RD Fairfax Lumber, Fairfax BEST NURSERY/GARDEN CENTER When asked why readers consider Sloat Garden Centers Best of Marin, operations manager Dave Stoner’s first response was “its the people who work here.” But he has many more reasons, including Sloat’s signature item, pottery—particularly Crescent, a new line of lightweight, resin-based pottery in striking shapes and colors. He says that “sustainability, growing your own groceries” has become important to many Marinites. And beyond merely supplying plants, the “plant geeks” share knowledge and information on the every71 > MARCH 25 – MARCH 31, 2011 PACIFIC SUN 67

Pacific Sun Weekly 03.25.2011 - Section 3

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