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DONATE YOUR AUTO Keeping Marin in Hot Water for Over 33 Years! Point Reyes National Seashore Association No DMV Hassle Free Pickup Tax Deduction 7 8 800-766-5341 Live Operators Take Your Call! Your car, truck, boat or RV running or not will help preserve the park License #132128 Residential & Commercial – A Specialty – CONCRETE & ASPHALT “Celebrating 95 Years” TRUSTED FOR ALL SIZE JOBS t%SJWFXBZT t1BUJPT t3FUBJOJOH8BMMT t4UBNQFE$PODSFUF t1BSLJOH-PUT t%SBJOBHF FREE ESTIMATES Providing Great Care & Attention to the ONE Tree We are Working on at that Moment BEST TREE CARE SERVICE 3 Years in a Row! Serving Marin County for 20 Years 455-9933 WWW.MARINTREEMASTERS.COM Contact Al Dalecio (415) 454-7011 x2252 525 Jacoby St., San Rafael From stone walls to super highways, A name you can build with... Tad Jacobs, Owner Certified Arborist 8281 Mike Queirolo, Certified Arborist 8291 Uriel Barron, Certified Arborist 1328 PETER LEVI PLUMBING A Full Service Contractor for All Your Private & Public Sitework Needs s'RADING %XCAVATION 0AVING $EMOLITION 3LIDE2EPAIR 3OIL3TABILIZATION s3ITE#ONCRETE #URB 'UTTER 3IDEWALK 0ATIOS $RIVEWAYS Happy r! New Yea 415 CUSTOMER C O YOUR LOCAL PLUMBER! R NER UÊ,i«>ˆÀà UÊ,i“œ`iÃ UÊ iÜÊ œ˜ÃÌÀÕV̈œ˜ 454-7771 Bonded • Insured • Lic #687489 s5NDERGROUND5TILITIES 3EWER 7ATER 3TORM$RAIN *OINT4RENCH Contact Ralph Ardito for a Free Estimate 256-1530 or 256-1525 “Travis was extremely patient & exceptionally thorough. He’s a great reÀection of the company” —V.K. Ó£xnÊ{̅Ê-Ì°]ÊUÊ->˜Ê,>v>iÊUÊ{x{‡ÓäÓ£Uʇʙ‡x\ÎäÊ->Ìʙ‡{Ê ÜÜÜ°“>À̈˜‡…>ÀÀˆÃÊ°Vœ“ JANUARY 8 –JANUARY 14, 2010 PACIFIC SUN 19

Pacific Sun 01.08.2010 - Section 2

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