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CATEGORIES LIFETIME GIVING SOCIETY (L) The Lifetime Giving Society recognizes an extraordinary group of leadership donors who have committed substantial personal resources to sustain and support Pacific Lutheran University. These cumulative lifetime contributions include the total gifts and current pledges of cash, securities, real estate, appreciated property and the charitable value of irrevocable planned gifts. These totals do not include gifts to KPLU. HERITAGE SOCIETY (H) Heritage Society is a group of donors committed to securing PLU’s future by making provisions for the university in their estate plans through a documented deferred gift. Membership in the Heritage Society includes the following types of gifts: bequest, gift of retirement assets, charitable remainder trust, charitable gift annuity, life insurance or a gift of farm or residence with a retained life estate. Q CLUB (QC) Q Club is the primary giving club for PLU’s annual fund and provides essential funding for the university’s most fundamental priorities: student scholarships, academic excellence, campus life, or the area of greatest need. With a minimum contribution of $500 (special levels for students and recent graduates), Q Club members are committed to helping provide quality education for all PLU students. Q CLUB SUPPORTER (Q) Unrestricted gifts provide a steady foundation for the university’s work and are central in furthering the university’s mission. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a large gift to make a big impact. Q Club Supporters signifies donors who have given a gift of any size under $500 to Q Club. QTEN (QTEN) QTen was established in 2007 to celebrate Q Club’s 35th birthday and honors individuals who have sustained their support for 10 or more years, including the current fiscal year. Regardless of the amount of their gift, these donors’ consistent support represents a remarkable investment in our students. LUTE CLUB (LC) Lute Club contributions assist the Athletic Department in providing an additional source of funds for team travel, recruiting, equipment and other tools necessary to ensure that teams sustain a competitive advantage over their rivals. As stakeholders in Lute Athletics these donors are paramount in helping PLU student athletes fulfill their goals. Donors to Lute Club at all levels are acknowledged here. MATCHING GIFT PROGRAM (M) The matching gift program recognizes companies and foundations that have contributed to PLU by matching the gifts of their employees. This support is either designated to a particular fund indentified by the employee or given to the unrestricted fund. INDEPENDENT COLLEGES OF WASHINGTON (I) This designates a group of individuals, companies and foundations who have contributed to PLU by making contributions through the Independent Colleges of Washington. ICW supports private higher education in Washington by soliciting unrestricted gifts from many individuals, businesses and foundations. 40 PLU SCENE WINTER 2008 | HONOR ROLL 2008 HONOR ROLL OF DONORS PACIFIC LUTHERAN UNIVERSITY could not continue to do the important work of educating students for lives of service without the generous support of thousands of individuals, organizations and companies. This essential support ensures that students have needed scholarships, faculty have first-rate facilities and PLU has the resources for both day-to-day activities and for the future. Here we gratefully recognize every donor who has made a gift to PLU in the 2007-08 fiscal year (June 1, 2007-May 31, 2008). We also profile a few of those who have supported PLU’s mission. All contributors are listed once, in alphabetical order. Initials behind their names denote members of Q Club, QTen, the Lifetime Giving Society, the Heritage Society, Lute Club, the Matching Gift Program or give to the Independent Colleges of Washington, which in turn supports PLU. Team Q 1st Liberty Federal Credit Union LC A A Treemaster Services LC Christopher (’00) and Cherstin (’02) Aageson Q James (’70) and Julie (’70) Aageson Odven Aakre (’50) H,L,Q,QTen Josef (’66) and Sally Aalbue Q Reynold and Susan Abbe Q Gerald (’78) and Bonnie Abbott Q Nancy Abdel-Wahed (’89) Q Katherine and Thomas Absher LC Richard and Cindi Absten Q Patrick (’85) and Carolyn (’87) Accimus LC Jonathan Acker (’93) and Kristi Lonheim Q Maryanne and Monti Ackerman LC Eloise and Gene Adair Robert Adair Q Shoran Adair Bryson Adams (’02) Q Debra Adams (’84) Q J. Daniel (’67) and Ellen (’68) Adams Q James and Jeanne Adams Q Jay and Sheri Adams Q Aislinn Addington (’06) Q Jeff and Kelly Afdem Q Kelsey Afdem (’07) Agilent Technologies Q,M Agnus Dei Lutheran Church, Gig Harbor, WA QC Sarah (’90) and Mark Agsten QC LaWanna Ahrendt (’51) L,QC,QTen AIG American International Group, Inc Q,M Crystal Aikin (’97) Shirley Aikin (’71) H,L AJ Kollar Fine Paintings LC John Akers Q Lori Akre (’04) Q Dolores Akridge LC Race Akridge LC Alaska Airlines AAG, Inc. L,M,I Mark (’79) and Ingrid (’80) Albee Q Albina Fuel L James Albrecht Q Mary (’83) and Charles Alcock Q Mohamed Ali Al-Dobashi (’91) and Samirah Dobashi QC Jaclyn Aldrich (’08) Q Alegria & Company P.S. LC Angelia Alexander L,QC,QTen Carol (’98) and Paul (’99) Alexander LC Daniel (’98) and Holly Alexander LC Linda Alexander Q Lucille Alexander (’54) Q Thomas and Marcia Alexander Q Yvonne Alison (’08) Q Allan Company QC Sarah Allard Cameron Allen David (’98) and Keleigh (’97) Allen QC Eric Allen (’08) Q Glenda (’62) and Jud Allen Q Jeffrey (’87) and Rosa (’89) Allen LC Jim and Beverly Allen Q Katherine and Jerald Allen LC Marilyn and Jeffrey Allen Q Melanie (’87) and Mark Allen LC Roger Allen Ruth Ann (’89) and A. Russ Allen Q Ursula (’83) and Daniel (’77) Allen Allenmore Medical Foundation L Gregory (’00) and Jessica (’01) Allen-Pickett Q Jeannette (’67) and James Allphin Q Holly Alonzo (’89) LC Daniel and Anne Alsaker H,L,QC,QTen Judy Alsos Cheryl (’73) and Thomas Althauser Q Ellsworth and Nancy Alvord L,QC,QTen Amazing Grace Lutheran Church, Aberdeen, WA Q Jennifer and Martin (’86) Ambacher LC Alice (’86) and William Amblad Q Kenneth and Barbara Ambrosini LC John (’60) and Joann Amend Q,QTen Laverne Amend (’56) H,L,QC,QTen The American Foundation for Charitable Support, Inc QC American Heart Association, Inc. QC John (’74) and Barbara Amidon LC Charles Amon and Dawn Hoffer Q Gayle French Amorosi (’79) and Stephen Amorosi LC Krystle Amundson (’07) Ancient Egypt Studies Association Herluf and Else Andersen Hilary (’95) and Marius (’94) Andersen QC Marc Andersen (’88) Q Mark Andersen (’67) and Bonnie MacMaster Andersen (’66) LC,QC,QTen The Anderson Foundation L Angela (’97) and Jonathan Anderson Q Barbara Anderson L,QC,QTen Borgny (’67) and Stephen Anderson Q Brian Anderson (’79) LC Brian (’72) and Kristy (’72) Anderson QC,QTen Carl Anderson (’95) Charles and Margaret Anderson L,QC,QTen Charles Anderson (’71) and Janet Sire-Anderson Q Christina (’94) and R. Anderson Q Christopher Anderson (’03) Q David (’73) and Gloria (’75) Anderson Q Deborah Anderson (’02) QC Dorothy Anderson (’46) L,Q,QTen Erika (’98) and Christian (’98) Anderson QC Gail (’80) and George Anderson Q Harlan Anderson (’61) QC,QTen Helen Anderson (’38) Q,QTen Herman (’31) and Vivian Anderson L,LC J. (’69) and Beverly Anderson Q,QTen Jodene Anderson (’80) Q,QTen JoEllen Anderson (’06) Q John (’68) and Connie (’68) Anderson QC,QTen Julie Anderson (’69) Q Keri (’99) and Joseph (’97) Anderson Q Kevin (’80) and Barbara Anderson Q Laura Anderson (’97) Q Loren and MaryAnn Anderson H,L,LC,QC,QTen,I Marcia Anderson (’71) Q Mariam (’03) and Todd Anderson QC Matthew Anderson (’97) Q Michael Anderson (’88) Q Michael and Andrea Anderson Q Myrna (’86) and John (’58) Anderson LC,QC,QTen Paul (’71) and Janice Anderson Q,QTen Paul Anderson (’92) and Barbara Hughes Q,QTen Peter Anderson (’01) Rita (’88) and Stephen Anderson QC Robert (’65) and Mary (’65) Anderson H,Q Robert and Katherine Anderson Roger and Kristi Anderson Ronald (’83) and Rebecca (’81) Anderson LC Ronald and Carolyn Anderson Q Ruth (’65) and John Anderson H,L,QC,QTen Susan and Bradley Anderson Q Thomas and Juli Anderson L,QC,QTen Timothy (’77) and Kerry Anderson QC Virginia (’91) and William Anderson Carolyn Anderson-Kriz (’59) and George Kriz Gabriella Andrade Q Troy Andrade Q Katherine Andre (’71) Q,QTen Merissa Andre (’05) Q Susan Andresen (’99) QC Janie Andrew L Robert and Pamela Andrew L,Q,QTen Darcy (’92) and Daniel Andrews Q H. Rodger Anger (’74) Karla (’68) and Martin Angle Q Pamela and Ernest Ankrim L,QC Anna Ankrum (’55) QC,QTen Florence Anrud (’82) QC Iris Anspach Q Sharon (’65) and Bruce Anthony Q Paula Aplin (’85) Q Eric Appelo (’81) Q Steven (’74) and Suzanne Appelo L,QC Nathan Appleton (’00) Annette and J. Aratani LC Donna Arbaugh H,L,QC,QTen James (’85) and Linda (’85) Arbaugh H,Q Diana Archibald (’86) and Dane Netherton Q Cathy (’84) and Robert Arciero Q Rachel Arizaga Q Julie (’81) and John Armbruster Q Susan Armbruster (’00) Q Alice Armstrong (’65) Kaylyn (’74) and Michael Armstrong Q Otfried Arndt and Andrea Hagen-Arndt (’64) Q Glenn (’59) and Jan Arney Q Shannon Arnim (’93) Q Joy Arnold Nancy (’99) and Keith Arnold Q Neal (’58) and Joyce Arntson H,L,QC,QTen Ellen (’07) and Kyle Aronson QC

Scene Magazine -2008 Honor Roll of Donors

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