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The Honors Herald The New York City Pforzheimer Honors College at Pace University Volume 3 Pace University  1 Pace Plaza W208/W209  New York, NY 10038 P: 212 346 1697 Issue 3 May 2014 Farewell, Dear Pace. We’ve Had A Good Run. Sierra Chandler ‘14 Dear Pace University, Four years ago I made a long trek across the country that I had spent my whole life preparing for. I made my first online college search when I was in 4th grade (and thought I was going to UC Santa Barbara because their mascot was a banana slug), so when the dreamed-of day came it didn’t feel real. to my new home: You. I am an independent person but moving myself into my college dorm was terrifying. I sat there not knowing anyone or where I was. I made the great excursion out and across City Hall Park to the Citibank to open a student account and at the time I thought I would get lost on the way back. Now I I heard from you later could probably make that walk than the other schools. You really blindfolded. You could almost had me worried at first. In fact, I say I am the Queen of had an appointment the next Downtown New York. I know I week at a Navy Recruitment office like to be (and I’m only halfbecause I wasn’t compelled to kidding). attend any of my accepted schools When I try to make yet. I was standing on a D.C. train meaningful reflections of my platform late at night when I time here I have to ask myself checked my email and saw that what my greatest success at you wanted me too. I laughed and Pace was. The truthful answer cried, and got a few high fives is the family I made for myself from my fellow commuters. As if and I have the Honors College by fate, I was called the next day by a Naval officer to confirm my to thank for that. Shortly after When I try to make meaningful reflections of my appointment and I told him, no I accepted my place at Pace I time here I have to ask myself what my greatest got an invitation from a wacky thank you, I am going to college. I don’t tell many people success at Pace was. The truthful answer is the guy named Bill Offutt to join a that story and today it feels like family I made for myself and I have the Honors Facebook group for incoming some dream a stranger had. It’s College to thank for that. Honors students. The group funny how time does that to us, right? right? Since my parents lived overseas and had to return to was pretty quiet for a bodacious blond babe named Sarah. work I spent the month before coming to you alone in South That girl became my best friend. During the ensuing four Lake Tahoe, California, spending my time rereading the Harry years we would create a community where we felt safe and Potter books and waiting anxiously. On the day before my 5am fulfilled together. We were together when President Obama flight from San Francisco to New York City I loaded my announced the death of Osama Bin Laden. One summer we duffle bags, my only possessions for the following year, and got traveled to India together. We would never judge each other a lift from my mother’s friend in her shiny blue. We had to use for eating at Chipotle more than once a week. Writing this bungee cords to get my baggage to stay and after the 4-hour now, our friendship and the friendship I built with many drive to San Francisco I had the kind of terrible sunburn that others seems too convenient to be real and I have the Honors only pale redheads must endure. Landing in New York alone, I College to thank for bringing me together with these had to rely on distant relatives I’d never met before to drive me impressively excellent human beings. On top of that, I had to my new home: You.

Honors April 2014 Newsletter

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