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VIETNAM: Farming and the Gods SOUTH AFRICA: AIDS and Welfare INDONESIA: Mining and the Body HONG KONG: Youth, Video and Change 8 00 t2 us ug A I recently went to southern Africa the most shocking is gender violence: portance of their focusing on bet- projects I could see firsthand reaf- for an international poverty meet- every year, more than one million wom- contribution.” ter agriculture that firmed my belief that our focus on ing in Johannesburg and to observe en and girls are raped. A girl born in My next stop was will bring in more empowering women is the right way Oxfam Hong Kong projects with wom- South Africa has a greater likelihood of Z a m b ia , w hi ch fa ce s en in Zambia. being raped before the age of sixteen lower levels of violence, but than of learning how to read. By the time I left, I was reassured of income, especially for forward in Africa. wo m e n . I v i s i te d v illa g e s In the rest of O.N.E, you have the a higher poverty rate. The country where women are growing high-value chance to read about AIDS in South two things: Oxfam must continue our Oxfam is suppor ting coalitions ranks 165th out of 177 in the United crops, both to earn more money and Africa, land and religion in Indonesia work in the region, and our strategic of women’s groups that campaign, Nations Human Development Index, for better nutrition. and Vietnam, and youth and social goal of improving people’s livelihoods educate and lobby against the vio- partially because it neglected the ru- Oxfam knows that women are the and sense of security are the right pri- lence. The people in these coalitions ral areas for many years, so poverty backbone of most rural communities orities, especially for women. are doing excellent and urgent work, kept increasing. There is now more – literally in terms of hauling water welfare in Hong Kong. Enjoy the read. While I was in Johannesburg, vio- but maybe my Oxfam America col- community development work being and firewood and tilling the land, lence against foreigners broke out in league Ray Offenheiser says it best, done to provide rural people with a but also in terms of their willingness John Sayer the townships. Violence is an everyday “to describe them as ‘heroes’ would better life. to work in collective efforts for the Director General occurrence in South Africa, and by far be to understate the value and im- betterment of the whole village. The Oxfam Hong Kong GODS, PEOPLE, LAND and INCOME Van Kieu farmers in Vietnam By Pham Tung Lam Ox fam Hong Kong, for one, is Although the national poverty rate fell from 58.1 per cent in 1993 to an estimated 16 per cent in 2006, poverty remains in Vietnam, especially among the ethnic minority population who tend to live in remote, isolated and mountainous regions of the country. As Vietnam develops, the gaps between rich and poor people, between urban and rural populations, and between the Kinh and ethnic minorities are widening. For example, the poverty rate among Kinh and Chinese is only 10.3 per cent, while among ethnic minorities, poverty stands at 52.3 per cent. In the central highlands of Quang Tri, where a farmer named Ho Thi Hom lives, she and her fellow Van Kieu people face a poverty rate of about 62 per cent. Quang Tri and Nghe An are two Ho Thi Hom has doubled her rice harvest in Oxfam's project / Photo: Pham Tung Lam

O.N.E - August 2008

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