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w w w. asiaoutlookm ag .com YEARS AND COUNTING m+w group surpass 100 years as a specialist provider in technology related construction MErX CONSTrUCTION P34 merx ensure dedication and perfection in all their construction projects PACIFICLIGHT POWEr P58 Pacificlight Power are becoming contenders in the power generation industry INvESTMENT PrOFILEP26 asia outlook takes an inside look at south korea’s investment potential INDIA INTL INSUrANCE P52 india international insurance strive to be to leading general insurance provider in singapore ASIA OUTOOk ISSUE 06 A L S O T H I S I S S U E : S O C C E r E X A S I A N F O r U M | S O C H I 2 0 1 4 N E W S | M W C 2 0 1 4 N E W S


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