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INSIDE: THE NEW YORK FAMILY 2012 ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SUMMER CAMP Sprin g/Sum mer 2012 IS YOUR | newy orkfa mily. com (ARECHYILD READY? OU?) CAMP D A DIRE 10 Q TO ASKUESTION A DIRE S CTOR CAMP ’S BIG LIF E-B NKE AN 11-YCTOR, A COUNU EAR-OL SELOR, AND: D CAM D PER TELL A LL DIVIDEN D: FRIENELONG DSHIP S 2012 NEWS: STHUEM ULT MEIMRATE GUIDE TO CAM Page 8 Dust up over air study P Since 1970 PHOTOS BY ANDREW SCHWARTZ February 2, 2012 Maloney Smells Chance to Stop Mayor’s Garbage Plant with Fish Study P. 6 Nomination Deadline: Feb 9th We are looking for nominees for the OTTY - Our Town Thanks You Awards, our annual salute to Upper East Side heroes. Tell us what your nominee does for the Upper East Side and why he or she deserves an OTTY. Visit:

Our Town February 2, 2012

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