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BEHIND THE Union symbol REACHING 7,000 FOOD EXECUTIVES & OVER 8,000 PLANTS WORLDWIDE Spring 2013 Herring Herring is among the most universally consumed of all fish. OU Kosher’s fish expert, Rabbi Chaim Goldberg, explains the intricacies of kosher herring, to make sure that the consumer doesn’t wind up in a pickle. Page 2 information to the readers who then minute maid/simply beverages OU Kosher welcomes two iconic additions to its product list: Minute Maid and Simply Beverages juices and drinks. Did we mention that they are delicious? Page 13 kelp caviar goes kosher When Kelp decided to go kosher with its substitute caviar products, guess which certifying agency it selected? Its worldwide clients are pleased with the choice of OU. Page 16 saratoga spring water Presidential inaugurations can make you thirsty. In January’s ceremony, OU-certified Saratoga Spring Water wet guests’ parched throats. Page 20 fungus among us Considering it is a fungus, the mushroom is surprisingly tasty. Because of the presence of insects, however, there are kosher issues to be dealt with. Page 10 thinking outside the box Having a problem on the kosher production line? OU rabbinic field representatives show ingenuity in coming up with solutions. Page 18

Behind the Union Symbol - Spring 2013

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