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The Suburban Newspaper for Mountain Brook, Homewood, Vestavia Hills, Hoover and North Shelby County OVER THE MOUNTAIN INSIDE JOU RNAL OTMJ.COM THURSDAY, JANUARY 26, 2012 VOL. 21 #2 LOGANʼS RUN Hand In Paw is one of the many charities taking part in the Alabama Gives Day ABOUT TOWN PAGE 5 Blue bows strengthen, support young cancer patient LIFE PAGE 10 20 young ladies presented at Redstone Club Christmas Ball SOCIAL PAGE 12 After busy years in New York as Time Inc.ʼs CEO, Don Logan returned to Birmingham – but not to retire. Heʼs bought two companies and relocated them to the Magic City and is moving his Birmingham Barons to a brand-new stadium downtown, with groundbreaking scheduled for Feb. 2. Logan recently moved Journal photo by Emil Wald into his new office at B.A.S.S, LLC headquarters, above. There’s No Slowing Down for this Businessman, Sports Lover BY DONNA CORNELIUS I JOURNAL FEATURES WRITER f he wanted to, Don Logan could cover his office walls with awards, certificates and photos. His career as chairman and chief executive officer at Southern Progress Corp. and at Time Inc. led to a lengthy list of honors, including the Henry Johnson Fisher award, the magazine industry’s highest tribute, and induction into the Alabama Academy of Honor. Logan was the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame’s 2011 Distinguished American Sportsman. Auburn University, his alma mater, gave Logan its Alumni Association National Achievement Award, while the University of Alabama named him to MOUNTAIN BROOK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Listen to Logan Don Logan is the guest speaker at the Mountain Brook Chamber of Commerce’s second annual Chamber Luncheon When: Feb. 9 at 11 a.m. at The Club. Register: Call 871-3779 or visit www.welcometomountainbrook. com for more information and to register. its College of Communication and Information Sciences Hall of Fame. Auburn, Clemson University and UAB presented him with honorary doctorates. During his years with Time, he had the opportunity to go to the Olympics, to attend 10 NCAA Final Four events and to rub shoulders with entertainment stars and business moguls. And that’s just the short list. In Logan’s office at Seek Publishing in downtown Birmingham, two framed magazine covers — one of Bassmaster and the other of Field and Stream — catch visitors’ eyes. Both reflect one of Logan’s passions. “I get calls all the time to invest in things,” said Logan. “If it doesn’t fit my passion, I’m not See LOGAN, page 11 The Adams home is even better than before the tragic April 2011 tornado HOME PAGE 22 BALLERINA MAKING HER POINTE P. 4 • WILDER CROWNED MISS BLACK ALABAMA P. 8 • HOOVER TEEN NOMINATED FOR PUSHCART PRIZE P. 27

Over the Mountain Journal Jan. 26, 2012

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