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The Bright Side of Grants Vol ume V, Issue 3 July 2013 Office of Sponsored Programs, Christine Chamberlain, Director In This Issue: 1. Farewell to Andrew 2. Success Story 3. Grants Resource Center News 4. Upcoming Deadlines FY 2012 Submissions/Awards Submissions 178 $38,196,129 A lists of FY13 grant recipients are included at the end of the Bright Side (there are no FY14 awards yet)! OSP commends the hard work of all the GVSU Principal Investigators. Awards 81 $15,869,150 Submissions 169 $51,559,973 Awards 100 $21,003,973 FY 2013 Submissions/Awards (to date) FY 2014 Submissions/Awards (to date) Submissions 4 $1,653,427 Awards 0 $0 1. Farewell to Andrew! OSP is bidding farewell to long time employee Andrew Kienitz. Andrew started in the fall of 2008 as a student assistant when OSP was the Grants Development and Administration Office. He then entered graduate school in the MBA program in 2011, and has been working as a graduate assistant in the Office of Sponsored Programs ever since. Thanks to his immense experience gained in the last 5 years at OSP, Andrew will begin working at Western Michigan University as a Pre-Award Research Program Officer. His MBA experience, financed as part of his assistantship, was noted at Western as being one of the reasons he was considered for the position, along with his experience gained at OSP. If anyone who has been working with Andrew needs grant search assistance, contact Shirley Dilworth at 1-6826. She will prioritize grant search requests and save them for the new Graduate Assistant, who will be coming onboard in the Fall of this year. Andrew would like to wish all the best to his Grand Valley acquaintances and coworkers who have made the last 5 years educational, memorable, and fun! Our office is going to miss him greatly.

Bright Side Newsletter, July 2013

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