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The Bright Side of Grants Office of Sponsored Programs, Christine Chamberlain, Director January 2014 FY 2013 Submissions/Awards (to date)  Submissions  179  $38,233,932  Awards  89  $16,539,293  Submissions  81  $24,375,365  Awards  28  FY 2014 Submissions/Awards (to date)     $6,994,404  A list of FY13 and FY14 grant recipients are included at the end of the Bright Side. OSP commends the hard work of all the GVSU Principal Investigators! Success Story GVSU, Spectrum and GR Current Partner for Innovation Grant From GVNow, January 15, 2014 An innovative technology sharing program created by Spectrum Health Innovations, Grand Valley State University and GR Current has been awarded a $187,000 grant from the Michigan Initiative for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (MIIE). The grant will be used to support Spectrum-Community T2, as the project is known, which aims to increase the success of biomedical commercialization opportunities in West Michigan’s growing life sciences corridor. “Each member organization and the community as a whole will benefit from this unique collaboration,” said J. Kevin McCurren, executive director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Seidman College of Business. “We foresee the commercialization of ideas, hands-on learning experiences, and ultimately, the creation of new companies and job opportunities arising from these efforts.” (continued on page 2)

Bright Side Newsletter January 2014

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