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Abril 8, 2010 Código: 1676 Laboratorio de Física Electricidad Paula Cuecha Fernández Email: Wilmer García Pérez Email: Ingeniería Industrial Ingeniería Electrónica Carlos Otero Palencia Omar Reales Arrieta Email: Email: Ingeniería Industrial Ingeniería Industrial ABSTRACT The study of the fundamental laws that are presented to the functioning of electrical circuits is of great importance to acquire knowledge for mastering the properties of electricity and the ability to make "arrangements" or organizations electron configurations of elements such as resistors, this being a point of fundamental importance for research and technology development. One of the laws which govern electrical systems are Kirchhoff's laws, which establish the behavior of electricity at certain points called nodes, from the law of conservation of energy, the report seeks to confirm these laws to address to convey how it behaves in reality the power at specific points in a DC circuit. The laboratory experiment is to make a configuration in an electrical circuit with resistors arranged in series and in parallel, calculate the current at specific points and the resulting current by two methods; purely mathematical and through a voltage meter or voltmeter, and finally compare the results and check the laws of Kirchhoff.

informe de laboratorio ley de kirchhoff

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