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The Tenerife Property & Business Guide Page 25 Tel: 922 703 121 Email: Web: Website hits: 50,000 per month (VFD Matrix Stats). Circulation: 10,000 (VFD TPG) Orange Pages Lifestyle Supplement and Business Directory – Issue No 2 – April 2013 Business of the month Tenerife’s leading business directory is packed full of fantastic companies all over the island – and here at Orange Pages we want to shout about them! Every month we will feature some of the best businesses in our special ‘Business of the Month’ section. Second in our series is a feature all about Manfred Weller and his business of more than 17 years, Menny Fix. MENNY FIX, EL CAMISON, LOS CRISTIANOS Menny is a guy who can fix anything – well, almost anything. He’s a genius when it comes to the wonderful world of telecommunications, having qualifications and over two decades experience in the industry. Over the years he’s helped literally hundreds of Tenerife residents hook up to their favourite TV shows, not to mention hundreds more tourists who can’t bear to be without their beloved BBC when they’re on holiday. On top of that, he’s worked with loads of sports bars and pubs all over the island to bring their big-screens to life and keep sports enthusiasts and customers happy. Over the years, Menny’s business has been constantly evolving to keep up with the ever-changing trends of the telecommunications industry. In the 1990s it was all about the digital revolution and Menny is proud to say his business was responsible for importing masses of digital boxes into Tenerife and installing plenty of 100cm antennas around the island. Eventually, as more and more people got their d-boxes installed, Menny Fix reached the saturation point and he had to think of new ways to reach out to customers. “I imported quite a few D-boxes to Tenerife. Back then (1994) BBC Prime still existed and thus our customers were the English. I had a team of five people at the time and in our first year we installed nearly 2,000 systems. Today, we install satellite systems mostly for sports bars; this makes up roughly 60 per cent of our sales. The remaining 40 per cent continue to be with private customers.” In today’s market, the focus has shifted to accessing TV through the Internet – something Menny anticipated some time ago. He’s been selling and servicing satellite, CCTV security and TV systems all over Europe, Tenerife and the Canary Islands to a very high standard. And part of his job is to keep his customers up to date with all the new information and changes in this business. Recently there was a shock switch off from some channels and many TV lovers all over the island have been suddenly seeing blank screens on certain channels. It’s a complicated story but Menny knows about this sort of stuff and he’s here to help you. So if you’ve been affected by this recent change in programming or are in need of a TV tune-up, visit Menny and his team at Menny Fix in El Camison, Los Cristianos or call 922 792 116 or check out his website www. This is OP & he’s the official Orange Pages mascot… cute isn’t he? Here at Orange Pages we’re all about creative advertising. We want to help businesses reach out to people all over Tenerife via our site and monthly in this fantastic supplement. Although he’s only ten weeks old, OP has had a busy start to life. Not only has he been given the honourable title of Orange Pages Mascot, he’s been getting to know our island and the people who live here. Wherever he goes, he stops people in their tracks – he’s just too cute! So we’ve come up with an innovative idea. Our adorable Pug puppy will help put your business on the map! Sounds a bit bonkers, we know, but picture the scene; OP taking a ride in a hire car…you’d remember that wouldn’t you? OP sitting in a supermarket shopping trolley – that’s got to be a memorable image. OP getting a haircut from a Tenerife-based dog groomer. Get the idea advertisers? So, if you want your business to be remembered then why not hire OP. Of course, you’ll have to speak to his agents - the Orange Pages team at Las Chafiras – to book your photo shoot or OP-orientated advert. Go on… you know you want to. Give OP a call on 922 703 121

Orange Pages Tenerife April Edition

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