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GLOSSARY OF TERMS Pattern Creating: Pattern Creating innovation creates value by breaking known existing patterns, departing from typical examples, ways of doing things, previous work, etc. Pattern Creating is the equivalent to seizing the unknown or digging a hole in a different place. It is particularly useful at the earliest stages of projects. A new strategy is a new pattern as is a new toothbrush, new company, new network, new community or a new city. If you are in the doughnut business this means thinking and inventing outside that industry. Pattern Optimizing: Pattern Optimizing innovation creates value by extending, reshaping, reformulating, or redirecting an earlier innovation. Pattern Optimizing is roughly the equivalent to perfecting the known or digging the same hole deeper/better. Pattern Optimizing is particularly useful in maximizing first generation innovation in its prototype stage when much value has yet to be fully realized. If you are in the doughnut business, this means improving the efficiency of doughnut making. Preference Projection Theory: A work in progress by Humantific hypothesizing that many innovation process models, initiatives and value systems are unconscious projections of their creator’s own thinking preferences. SenseMaking: The continuous process of creating situational awareness and understanding in situations of high complexity or uncertainty. No longer just an amateur activity, today there are many professional disciplines and robust tools involved in sensemaking. Humantific for OPEN Innovation Consortium 72 Innovation Methods Mapping

Innovation Methods Mapping

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