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GLOSSARY OF TERMS Continuous Innovation: The process of consciously cycling through Pattern Creation and Pattern Optimization. We value both equally. CPS: An acronym in use since the 1940s, CPS is a short form for Creative Problem Solving. Innovation Methods Mapping: The analytical process of deconstructing innovation processes and mapping their components to the 10 view analysis framework found in this book. Innovation Process Literacy: A form of knowledge focused on 21st century understanding of the dynamics underlying innovation process design. Language Mode: The assumed but not always expressed procedural logic inside process models. Language Mode, Mixed: Innovation process models where content and process are mixed in one role, one expert. The lead facilitator/navigator is in a combined role as content expert and process expert. Most traditional design thinking process models assume Mixed Language Mode. Humantific for OPEN Innovation Consortium 70 Innovation Methods Mapping

Innovation Methods Mapping

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