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METHODS MAPPING BUZZ “A masterful piece of work.” Dr. SID PARNES & BEA PARNES Applied Creativity Pioneers PETER JONES, PH.D. Founder REDESIGN DR. BETTINA VON STAMM Director & Catalyst INNOVATION LEADERSHIP FORUM Humantific for OPEN Innovation Consortium “It seems every new decade sweeps in a new wave of design methods, the latest wave bringing design frameworks of scale and social complexity. The Innovation Methods Mapping is perhaps the first organized effort to demonstrate the relationships and patterns over the historical timeline. The work reveals the underlying inspirations connecting early creative processes to systems thinking to service and organizational design. The Mapping glues these together with a consistent design language that expresses the fundamental patterns in elegant simplicity. This design language enables the reader to select the right methods for complex situations or to develop consistent applications across methods. Few other resources – if any – give designers such an expressive capacity and understanding across methods.” “What a fantastic and successful effort in bringing together the many-fold strands that form our understanding of innovation today…A must-have for anyone who wants to make sense of the dispersed, disparate, and ever-growing landscape of innovation ” 6 Innovation Methods Mapping

Innovation Methods Mapping

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