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10 WAYS TO USE THIS BOOK Recognizing that readers have different information processing styles, this book can be read in numerous ways: 1.  Read through from front to back or from back to front. 2.  Begin viewing process examples by Group on Page 43 3.  Read the Project Background and Purpose on Pages 24 4.  Jump to the explanation of the Analysis Framework on Page 31 5.  Jump to the Process Models Analysis that begins on Page 43 6.  Jump to the Think Balance / Emphasis Analysis that begins on Page 157 7.  Jump to the Terminology Analysis that begins on Page 165 8.  Jump to the 25 Key Findings that begin on Page 173 9.  Jump to the Design Implications that begin on Page 201 10.  Read the Glossary of Terms that begins on Page 206 Humantific for OPEN Innovation Consortium 16 Innovation Methods Mapping

Innovation Methods Mapping

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