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How To….. Change the Pollen filter Astra-Sport Disclaimer - Please note that this is a guide only and Astra-Sport take NO responsibility for any damaged caused to yourself or vehicle whilst using this guide. If you are unsure how to do something leave it to the professionals. Your Insurance and warranty might be invalidated if this modification is done. Excessive misting of the front windscreen, and/or a musty stench is normally due to a clogged pollen filter – however it’s a simple job to replace it Parts Parts Required Astra Mk4 Pollen Filter Part No: 13175553 (previously 90520689) Tools required T20 Torx bit/Screw driver 6mm Socket Time taken: 30 minutes. Step 1 To start with you will need to remove your glovebox: there are six T20 Torx screws to be removed: 3 along the top edge and 3 along the bottom The 6th Torx screw is in the centre of bottom edge of the glovebox - it’s easier to undo the bottom 3 screws with the glovebox lid closed. With all the screws removed, pull the glovebox out slightly and disconnect the interior light and CD changer (if you have one) - remember to have the code handy for the CD, for when you come to refit it Thanks to Alfa GTV for the “How To”

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