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Spa Bathroom Renovations Incorporating the Latest Technologies By Olivia Anderson I am going to suggest a Spa bathroom strategy that incorporates deep-soaking bathtubs and heated towel warmers into your bathroom upgrade. If your strategy is to create a Spa bathroom to escape from work-related stresses every evening, it is worth the effort to invest in these bathroom fixtures with the latest technologies. Bathroom technologies can include deep-soaking bathtubs offering anything from a traditional deep soaking experience to total escapism with Chromotherapy lighting systems, hydro-massage jets, continuous heated water, and more. Chromotherapy lighting systems are believed to lower blood pressure, reduce pain, and cure insomnia which results in body, mind, soul, and mood altering experiences. There are many deep-soaking bath tub models from which to choose, including free standing and walk-in bathtubs to drop-in Jacuzzis depending on the size of the space from which you will be working. For example, it used to be believed that a walk-in bathtub was for older people with mobility issues; but, it has evolved to become a better alternative for any age group wanting to incorporate a deep-soaking experience with the latest technologies in smaller spaces. Walk-in bathtubs have become a lifestyle choice now affordable for most people. For those larger spaces, drop in bath tubs such as Jacuzzis can provide an extra-deep bathing space, sometimes, with room enough for two people. Whatever your choice, deep-soaking bathtubs can also provide total escapism when chromotherapy lighting illuminates your bath water with a virtual rainbow of colors. Favorite colors can be selected through an electronic control panel that can also be complemented with favorite music selections from a built-in bathroom audio system. Walk-in bathtubs can include back, leg and foot hydrotherapy jets; whereas, drop-in bathtubs can offer adjustable jets for a hydro-massage which targets pressure points for any aching muscles resulting in full-body relaxation. Additionally, a built-in heater will keep the water at your desired temperature. So sit back and enjoy while your spirit de-stresses and becomes totally relaxed. Heated towel warmers are also a nice addition to any spa bathroom because of its multiple uses. Towel warmers are used for warming towels, bathrobes, and other articles of clothing before or after a bath, in addition to warming the bathroom itself. Some towel warmers can also be used outdoors near pools or on boats. Towel warmers can house oil or water heating systems, in addition to self- Page 1

Spa Bathroom Renovations

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