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Meeting of The Library Board of Trustees 6:30 pm, October 10, 2013 Main Library 308 Yager Avenue LaGrange, KY 40031 AGENDA Opening Call to Order: Attendance: Review Agenda: Invitation for Public Comment: For Signature: Consent Agenda 1. Approval of Minutes from meeting of September 19, 2013 2. Approval of Financial Reports & Payment Voucher for September, 2013 Old Business 1. Signature for approved policies. 2. No response from Republic Bank regarding the old Catholic Church in Goshen New Business 1. Adoption of Oldham County Government’s Ethics Code. 2. 2012-13 Audit 3. New policies to be reviewed Director’s Report Report from KDLA: Communications: Adjourn Next meeting: November 14, 2013

2013 10 board mtg agenda and minutes

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