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STARTERS Smoked reindeer soup Kr. 95.- Creamy soup made of a heavy reindeer broth, gently seasoned with smoked reindeer meat in strips, house bread and butter. Taste of the Sea and Wild Kr. 125.- King crab, wild animal pate, smoked salmon, smoked reindeer meat, served with a crispy salad, aioli, cranberry dressing, and our delicious house bread and butter. SMALL DISHES Club chicken sandwich Kr. 155.- Two slices of toast bread, with butter and dijon mustard, tomato, lettuce, sliced bacon and roasted chicken breast. Served with aioli and green salad. Odelias Hamburger Kr. 175.- Our tasty 180gr burger served with our special burger-sauce, ring cut onion, tomatoes, green salad, aioli and french fries.

Odelia restaurant a la carte (eng)

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