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OHLONE COLLEGE MONITOR THURSDAY NOVEMBER 21, 2013 Vol. XLVI No. 8 What beverages do Ohlone College students prefer to drink in the morning? See story on page 6. FREMONT, CA OHLONEMONITOR.COM MEASURE G TYPHOON RELIEF EFFORT Ohlone association helps Philippines Campus prepares for major construction SHANNON SORGE Online editor Ohlone officials held a forum Nov. 12 to discuss the major campus construction and parking lot closures that will take place in the spring, and how they will affect students and staff. “We’re going to be talking about the swing space coming up and the parking spaces, the process that got us here, and what our plans are,” Ohlone President Gari Browning said in Continued on Page 3 OHLONE BOARD Trustees revise budget LOUIS LAVENTURE Editor-in-chief TAM DUONG JR. / MONITOR Members of the Asian Pacific American Student Association accept donations at the Ohlone Fremont campus on Nov. 14. Club helps raise money and gather donations for disaster-ravaged country LOUIS LAVENTURE Editor-in-chief The Ohlone College Asian Pacific American Student Association took to the Fremont campus on Nov. 14 and 19 to collect donations for the typhoon ravaged Philippines. Association member Ceejay Fangonilo said that they were trying to “publicize a relief fund for donations.” All of the proceeds collected will be given to the Red Cross in the form of a check to aid in the relief of the country. APASA raised $217 in the first day of collecting donations on the Fremont campus on Nov. 14. Anybody interested in donating can contact LBC (Philippine Cargo Corp.) which will be doing a free shipment at the end of the month. The company has stations in Union City and Milpitas and for more information you can contact them directly at 800-338-5424. The Ohlone College Board of Trustees voted unanimously on Nov. 13 to make amendments to the first quarter 2013-’14 financial report and acceptance of related budget adjustments. Vice President of Administrative Services Ron Little addressed the board at the November meeting. “Our revenue is up $266,000 showing increased international enrollment,” Little said. “The legal fees are up given some personnel issues that Continued on Page 3 ENERGY-EFFICIENT CAMPUS Solar installation complete at Newark center MARISSA MARTIN News editor Ohlone College has completed the installation of solar arrays at the Newark campus. With the new panels completed, the Newark campus has officially become net zero on energy. The panels went live Sept. 23 after an inspection and approval by PG&E. Combined with the panels on the Fremont campus, solar power now makes up two-thirds of the college’s energy usage. Each campus produces 1 megawatt of solar energy. The Newark site uses 100 kilowatts and transfers the remaining 900 kilowatts to help power the Fremont campus. Each solar field follows the path of the sun, allowing for greater efficiency in collecting the energy. Ohlone began construcContinued on Page 3 ERIKA HEREDIA / MONITOR The solar panels on the Newark campus went live on Sept. 23, making it net zero on energy.

Ohlone College Monitor, November 21, 2013

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