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OHLONE COLLEGE THURSDAY MONITOR SEPTEMBER 26, 2013 Vol. XLV I No. 3 FREMONT, CA OHLONEMONITOR.COM Students brace for potential BART strike ALIZAIB LODHI Staff writer Ohlone College students and workers who take BART as part of their commute to campus could find themselves making alternative arrangements next month if the transit agency’s union and management don’t reach a settlement. Gov. Jerry Brown in early August ordered a 60-day cooling-off period for BART management and union representatives to reach an agreement. There still hasn’t been any progress, so a shutdown is looming Oct. 11. Ohlone student Abdul Salam Aljuberi takes BART from Bay Fair to Fremont every TAM DUONG JR. / MONITOR Patriot Act inspires speaker at Ohlone SHANNON SORGE Online editor There is a price we as citizens of “the land of the free and home of the brave” pay for our security and freedom. How do we balance these two concepts without losing one or the other? Ohlone instructor Krista Phair delved into the issue Friday afternoon on the Fremont campus in a speech about the Patriot Act. Phair, who joined Ohlone’s faculty in the speech and communications department eight months ago, is the chair and program planner for the Kenneth Burke Society, which is dedicated to rhetorical theorist Kenneth Burke. She served as a mentor and director of the IvyBoost Club for 10 months, and taught at Central Texas College from 2010 to 2012 while earning her doctorate in Speech Communication and Rhetoric at the University of Kansas. Phair used her master’s thesis project, called “Security or Freedom: The Selling of the USA PATRIOT Act to the American People,” to kick off the Associated Students of Ohlone College’s Speakers Series as she delivered an informative message to both students and teachers. Phair was the first speaker of the series, which is sponsored by the Speech Communication Department and the Speech Club and paid for by ASOC. She opened her speech with a quote from Benjamin Franklin: “Those who are willing to sacrifice their freedom for security, deserve Continued on page 3 Traffic delays still expected MARISSA MARTIN News editor The maintenance work on Mission Boulevard has been postponed for at least a couple weeks, city officials said. The road repairs were scheduled to take place from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Monday. Friday’s work would have slowed down traffic at the southbound Interstate 680 off-ramp onto Mission Boulevard. On Saturday and Monday, traffic was expected to be slow along Mission as workers slurry sealed the outside portion of the road from Mill Creek Road to 50 feet north of Pine Street. At times, Ohlone students and staff would not have been able to cross Mission from Anza Street to Witherly Lane at the north campus entrance. However, to many commuters’ surprise, most of the roadwork did not even happen. “I really don’t know the reason for the delay,” Director of College Advancement Patrice Birkedahl said. “Everything was on schedule until Friday afternoon when I heard from some city of Fremont officials that there had been a change in plans.” City officials said the Friday morning work was canceled because traffic was taking up too much space on the freeway. Because there was so much congestion, the crew could not shut down the lane necessary for work to be done. The work was going to be pushed to Saturday, but it was delayed again due to rain. The city did some slurry seal work before the rain began in earnest, slowing down northbound traffic on Mission. “The slurry seal project is a normal maintenance procedure and it would have been scheduled no matter what other repairs were being done,” Birkedahl said. City officials said they will not know for another two weeks when the rescheduled maintenance will take place, because the contractor will be out of town. The work will be done on a Saturday and Monday this time as well, they said. “The Mill Creek area has become very dangerous and there have been accidents,” Birkedahl said. I may have to take, like, two or three buses to school if I have to. -Ohlone College student Abdul Salam Aljuberi Tuesday and Thursday to attend two classes. “If the union does go on strike then I’ll be looking to carpool with someone,” he said. Transportation officials released a $21 million plan Tuesday in which BART would provide 200 free charter buses and limited train service run by managers. AC Transit, San Francisco Muni and the ferries also would be running extra services if the strike goes ahead. “I may even take, like, two or three buses to school if I have to,” Aljuberi said. “There is plenty of ways (to get) to school.” Continued on page 3 Volleyball victory LOUIS LAVENTURE / MONITOR Brittany Creel shows some emotion during Wednesday’s home win. See story on page 7.

Ohlone College Monitor, September 26, 2013

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