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OHLONE COLLEGE MONITOR THURSDAY DECEMBER 12, 2013 Vol. XLVI No. 10 Niles lights up Fremont. See story on page 6. FREMONT, CA OHLONEMONITOR.COM Measure G provides overhaul to Fremont campus PARKING Fremont lots to close SHANNON SORGE Online editor A massive parking lot revamp. That’s what’s coming to Ohlone beginning in the spring. As of now, the Fremont campus has 2,480 available spaces and a peak need of 2,043, leaving a surplus of 437. The number of surplus spaces will drop to seven Continued on Page 3 BOND PROJECT Major renovations coming LOUIS LAVENTURE Editor-in-chief TAM DUONG JR. / MONITOR It is finally here. The highly anticipated $349 million Measure G initiative will be in full swing once the Spring 2014 semester begins on Jan. 27. The Fremont overhaul will include parking lot closures, the construction of a new multistory parking complex, and the demolition and construction of buildings in the Continued on Page 3

Ohlone College Monitor, December 12, 2013

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