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Page 1C The Odessan, Odessa, Missouri, Thursday, May 3, 2012 2012 OHS OHS SENIORS SENIORS SAY SAY GOODBYE! GOODBYE! 2012 photo by John Carmody Lauren Grubb plans to study radiology Lauren Grubb by Bud Jones Lauren Grubb, 708 Golf St., is ranked among the top academic students of the graduating class of 2012 at Odessa High School. She is the daughter of Dena Stark. Grandparents include: Charlie and Judy Harvey, Odessa; Robert Grubb, Blairstown; and Forrest Stark, Lake Ozark. In addition to taking a lot of weighted classes and a rigorous academic schedule during her high school years, she has also been an actively involved student at OHS, including: >freshman class vice president; >academic letter recipient for four years; >academic all-conference in track; >academic all-conference in cross country; >varsity track team; >varsity cross country team, serving as team captain; >DECA senior representative; >DECA state competitor; >DECA international conference competitor; >Missouri DECA executive office finalist; >Future Business Leaders of America; >staff, The Growler; >staff, OHS yearbook, serving as editor in her final junior and senior years; >Spanish Club; >serving as a freshman mentor her senior year; >community service events/activities including: • middle school track meet set-up; • Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure; • local Special Olympics volunteer; • DECA school store supervisor; • DECA rock-a-thon benefit for MDA; • MDA fashion show and fundraiser; • junior volunteer at Lafayette Regional Health Center. Of all these many activities, Lauren says her favorites have been cross country and DECA. “The cross country team has a family feel to it, and the coaches are always very supportive,” she explains. “And I really enjoy the competition opportunities available in the DECA program. I have really enjoyed my DECA experience, and the competition aspect seemed to come natural to me.” She is one of the OHS students who participated in the DECA International Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. Another thing that seemed to come natural for Lauren has been her ability to maintain a high grade point average and graduate “summa cum laude” from Odessa High School. Future plans involve attending William Jewell College, Liberty, majoring in biology and pre-medicine. Eventually, she hopes to attend KU Medical School, with the goal of becoming a professional radiologist. “When I was approximately seven years old, I fell off of a bed and broke my arm. Later, while at the hospital, I was able to see the X-ray of my arm, and I was hooked for life. “No other career path interests me the way working with X-rays and MRIs interests me.” Ten years from now, she hopes to have a job and be settling into a hospital setting, but she realizes that completing medical school takes a great deal of time, and there is a chance that in 10 years she may still be in the process of finishing up the education for her chosen career. Currently, with the high school phase of her life rapidly approaching, and the next phase of her life opening up before her, Lauren says she is “looking forward to the next stage in my life. I am not sure what may be in store for me, but I am ready to take it on, whatever it is.” She credits her cross country coaches and science teachers, Zach and Heather Meler, with having a significant impact on her as a student. “I have had them both as teachers, and they were really good, and as coaches, they were so inspirational. Their coaching helped bring me success as a cross country athlete.” Lauren credits her mother with being her greatest mentor in life. “I have learned everything from my mom. Anytime I need help, I can go to her. And it is amazing how many of her habits and mannerisms I have picked up over the years.” During the summer months, Lauren works approximately 35 hours per week at the Sonic Drive-In in Higginsville. In her spare time, she enjoys baking. “I use baking as a de-stresser.” She also likes to run and is comfortable just hanging out at home. Her advice to students who will be entering Odessa High School for the first time this fall: “Don’t stress about the little things. Just take a deep breath and think about it for a few minutes. If there is no good reason to be upset about it, then it doesn’t really matter, so let it go.” Jay Baugh aspires to become pilot by Bud Jones Jay Baugh, 128 E. Old 40 Hwy., rural Odessa, is one of the top academic students of the Class of 2012 at Odessa High School. He is the son of Kay Baugh, Odessa, and Barry Baugh, Marshall, and the grandson of Richard and Kenna DeWeber, Montrose, Colo., and Dorothy Baugh, Springfield. He has an older brother, Tommy Joyner, 29, Lee’s Summit, and an older sister, Gabrie Joyner, 25, Miami, Fla. His high school activities and honors list includes: >National Honor Society; >Student Council representative; >Spanish Club; >A+ tutor; >Freshman class mentor; >Varsity basketball, team captain; >Cross country team; >Tennis team; >Missouri Boys State delegate; >Academic all-state; >Academic all-conference, all four years in three different sports; >Academic achievement, all four years. Jay says his favorite activities have been tennis and Student Council. “I had never really played tennis before picking it up in high school, and it has been a lot of fun. Student Council has given me the opportunity to be involved with events and people at the high school, and that, too, has been a great experience. Attaining academic success in high school, he says, has come about because of his willingness to work hard and stay organized. That, and the fact that his parents have always “pushed me to be the best that I can be at whatever challenge I may be facing.” One of his proudest moments in high school came when he was notified of earning “Academic All-State” honors in basketball, one of only 90 students in the entire state and only the third OHS student to be so designated, the first in the last seven years. His future plans include attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Fla. He also plans to participate in an Air Force ROTC program at the university, to eventually become an Air Force pilot. Attending the Air Force Academy was his first choice, but since that option did not work out, he plans to attend Embry-Riddle, which is considered one of the top aviation schools in the nation, with an excellent ROTC program. His goal has always been to serve as a pilot in the Air Force. Looking 10 years into his future, Jay can visualize himself doing just that. He says the current time in his life, graduating from high school, while focusing his attention on his future, is “an exciting and nerve-racking time. I don’t know for sure what the future is going to bring, but I am looking forward to new experiences.” When asked if there are any teachers who have had a significant impact on his success in high school, Jay lists English teacher, Mike Shields, and physics teacher and cross country coach, Zach Meler. Mr. Shields because “he challenged me as a student and because he cares about his students and the success they make of their lives.” Mr. Meler because “he is an awesome coach who is motivated and smart and who works harder than anyone I have ever seen.” Jay says his greatest mentor in life is his dad. “My dad has always been motivating me, pushing me to Jay Baugh do my best, especially academically, and has always been really supportive.” In his free time, Jay enjoys sports as often as possible, especially playing tennis with friends and running. For the past two years, he has been working part-time at Morgan’s Restaurant. Reading is another favorite activity. When asked about advice that he would give to incoming high school students, Jay says, “Get involved. It is easy to get distracted unless you stay busy, and getting into clubs and sports is the best way to succeed in high school.”

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