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April 3-16, 2013 OCEAN GROVE’S NUMBER ONE NEWSPAPER FREE FORTNIGHTLY GENEROUS GROVE GIVES $47,000 Ocean Grovers and Ocean Grove holidaymakers have helped boost the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday appeal by more than 47,000. Pictured above, youngsters enjoying the evening at Ocean Grove Bowling Club. Fundraising events were also held at the Mex, Collendina Caravan Park and CFA volunteers were out shaking tins. More pictures page 13. Covenant can be removed JESSICA GRACE NEW legal advice will allow council to effectively remove an Ocean Grove liquor covenant dating back to the 1800s. The covenant, put in place by the Methodist Church, covers the area of ‘old Ocean Grove’ and has caused havoc for businesses seeking liquor licenses. “While the covenant has been in effect since the 1880s, there are properties in the affected area where liquor can be legally served and sold. This is due to several factors,” Beangala ward Councillor Jan Farrell said. “The covenant does not apply to Crown land and before a state-wide planning scheme in 2000, operators could apply for a liquor license without a planning permit. Operator’s could also apply to the Supreme Court to have the covenant removed.” Cr Farrell said prior to the introduction of the Planning and Environment Act 2000, council could issue a planning permit for liquor sales without having to take the covenant into account. “From December 2000 onwards the City of Greater Geelong was bound to consider the covenant even though the covenant was actually a private arrangement,” Cr Farrell said. “Given the confusion surrounding the covenant and several changes to statutory planning framework over time Council was proactive in seeking legal advice about the covenant.” Cr Farrell said advice received on February 6 indicated council were now in the position to consider the removal of the covenant and consider merits of a liquor permit. “Ocean Grove operators can apply for a liquor licence with no more, or less, restrictions placed upon them than any other suburb or town in the municipality,” said Cr Farrell. “Any operator seeking a liquor licence is still required to apply to Council News desk and Advertising 5255 3233 for a Planning Permit and then to the Victorian Commission for Gaming and Liquor Regulation for a liquor licence.” Cr Farrell said this allowed an even playing field, making it fairer for an Ocean Grove business, given the appropriate street and place, to enhance their business with a liquor license. “You’re still as protected in a residential area because council wouldn’t give a permit to someone operating in a residential street. It’s all about the business zone.”

Ocean Grove Voice 3 April 2013

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