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The Northern Virginia Daily - November Kids will JUMP FOR JOYwith gifts that get them moving By Maggie Wolff Peterson Daily Correspondent Bundles of energy they are, children shouldn’t need a lot of persuasion to get busy — just the right gift to help them to spring into action. From the humble rubber ball to the elaborate, electronic Wii game system, Santa has his pick of toys to get kids moving this holiday season. Trey Cherry of Stephens City, owner of 2nd Time Sports in Winchester, said economy-minded Santas can shop his store for refurbished, second-hand sporting equipment at a fraction of the cost of new gear. “You can buy a baseball bat for $7 as opposed to $30,” Cherry said. His sons, 7-year-old Ivan and 3-yearold Liam, also like to move the action indoors. “We have a Wii,” Cherry said. “They love it for the dance games.” Another family favorite is “Monster Mayhem” for Wii, which involves turning a steering wheel. Josette Keelor/Daily TOP: Ivan Cherry, 7, holds a basketball, soccer ball and football in his parent's franchise store, 2nd Time Sports, in Winchester. The Cherrys recommend sporting equipment as Christmas gifts to help get children moving. ABOVE: Trey Cherry, right, helps his son Liam, 3 1/2, practice holding a baseball bat. LEFT: Ivan Cherry, 7, wears hockey gear inside his parentsʼ store. The store sells restored and cleaned second-hand sporting equipment, with prices sometimes half that of new equipment. Usually more than $300, these hockey pads are priced at $175. “It’s more movement than just this,” Cherry said, flicking his thumbs as if operating a video game controller. Overall, he said, to keep kids active, “Sports are the thing to make them move.” A stroll through any toy superstore offers aisle after aisle of choices, and even toddler toys can provide action. Play 5 Sports, a toy aimed at kids 3 and younger, combines soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey and golf in a toy with equipment for each. It includes a baseball tee and bat, a hockey stick, a golf club and a basketball hoop that keeps track of the number of times a ball goes through. A digital scoreboard, lights, sounds and music add to the experience, according to the toy’s package. “Your toddler will cheer at the chance to kick, shoot, swing, toss and putt for the first time,” the package reads, also promising the toy will improve motor skills, hand-eye coordination, understanding of cause and effect and counting skills. The classic Sit ‘n Spin never ceases to give toddlers a thrill, requiring only arm power to move the rotating disc and give themselves a ride. Older kids might enjoy a scooter. Online, specialty retailers such as SensoryEdge offer toys that promote balance and provide soft structures for climbing. This season, the website offers a “best-of” list of seven indoor energy-burning toys including the Little Jumper Trampoline. The classic party game, Twister, also gets kids moving. But movement-promoting toys need not be elaborate. Hula hoops haven’t changed much since their invention in 1958. Footballs remain footballs, and a game of catch in the backyard provides perennial enjoyment for families. However stick horses have gone high-tech, with battery-operated audio boxes inserted in their necks, producing the sounds of neighing and Even the traditional rocking horse has clopping hooves when a child undergone transformation. Electronic squeezes the animal’s ear. sensors in the Fisher-Price Rockin’ Tunes Giraffe detect how fast a child is And while bicycles are great for getrocking and respond by increasing the ting kids moving, they have also pace of music emanating from the toy. evolved. At Toys R Us, bikes for small girls, equipped with training wheels The faster the child goes, the more and streamers, a handlebar purse and quickly its light-up mane strobes. fenders shaped like leaves also feature Similarly, the Rollin’ Tunes Zebra Disney fairies. A similar, more mascuspeeds up the action the faster a child line version has a pirate theme. propels it across the floor. And the And bike helmets are more stylish Musical Lion Walker uses melodies than ever, affixed with rubberized and sounds to encourage babies takspikes, kitten ears, tiaras and fauxing their first steps. hawks. Other outdoor toys include skates and a skateboard. Indoors, a bowling set or boxing bag can make things more interesting. A five-foot inflatable target bag loaded with sand at its base can be punched or kicked and will return to an upright position. Imagination-based toys also get kids off the couch. Fully equipped play kitchens can have kids moving from refrigerator to stove to microwave. A Home Depot-brand tool bench uses up to 79 pieces, including a toy drill press and circular saw. And little kids might enjoy a mini Dyson ball or Dirt Devil toy vacuum to push around the living room floor. There are even child-size broom and dustpan sets. For more information about Second Time Sports, 2625 Valley Ave., Winchester, call 540-450-8387 or visit Count on it. Life has no guarantees, but in business, I knew exactly what I wanted. A company that gave me the start-up help I needed, freedom to make my own decisions … plus the chance to earn a great living. With so many unknowns in life, my career isn’t one of them. I can count on that. BECOME A STATE FARM® AGENT. Learn more: P097053.1 Rebecca LaFevers State Farm Agent 3TATE&ARM "LOOMINGTON ),sAn Equal Opportunity Employer 239285 Melicca Dunn, Agency Recruiter (434) 872-5423

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