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BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR yourself to your neighbors. Put a face to the name! DO Introduce Share contact information. Ignore your neighbor. Say hello when you see them! DON’T Be lazy. Help neighbors with shoveling or raking. BE A SMART HUSKY HOST DO Keep the noise down! #1 reason police are called. Ask your neighbor to call you if you get too loud. Provide non-alcoholic drinks and food. Pizza, anyone? Let anyone leave with a drink in their hand. Let the party get too big and turn into a mob. Serve alcohol to underage guests. DON’T POLICE BE BALCONY & ROOF SAVVY all rules regarding the space. (No grills!) DO Obey Ensure the space is safe. DON’T Go on the roof or balcony unless allowed by your landlord. Exceed limitations (# of people, weight). BE FIRE SAFE DO Check batteries in smoke alarms and CO2 monitors. Know your apartment fire escape route. Clean gas stove burners and empty dryer lint. DON’T BE COP CONSCIOUS the officer respect. DO Show Cooperate with the officer and follow their directions. DON’T Slam the door in the officer’s face and hide. Let a party overflow into the street and sidewalk. Drink or pee in public (really?!) or play loud music. Put ashes in anything but an ashtray. Leave candles unattended. Overload electrical outlets. BE GREEN & TRASH SMART DO Recycle! Check pickup schedule and proper disposal location for your street. DON’T Put trash out too early. Leave barrels out after pickup. Use plastic grocery bags.

Living Smart Off Campus

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