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Dawn Chorus As part of the National Trust’s support of Chelsea Fringe Festival 2013 we created a mass tweet-in at dawn on Sunday 9 June. Here is the text produced by our Dawn Chorus of tweets, including those from writers based overnight at six of our places in London and at Keats House. Dawn Chorus is an original concept by Natasha Vicars that has been developed through collaboration with Mary Paterson and the following writers: Joanna Brown, Tiffany Charrington, Eddy Dreadnought, Sally Labern and Tamarin Norwood. Observing dawn at Morden Hall Park, Merton. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 02:45:06 Observing dawn at Rainham Hall, Havering #dawnchorus mepaterson, 02:45:18 Observing dawn at Ham House, Ham #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 02:45:26 Observing dawn at Osterley Park and House, West London. #dawnchorus homologue, 02:45:34 Observing dawn at Red House Bexleyheath #dawnchorus SpittingStars 02:46:06 This is Nautical Twilight. #dawnchorus ncvicars, 02:46:08 This is Nautical Twilight. #dawnchorus mepaterson, 02:46:18 This is Nautical Twilight. #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 02:46:47 This is Nautical Twilight. #dawnchorus homologue, 02:46:50 Is hesitant, like a guest in someone else's bed #dawnchorus mepaterson, 02:46:58 Walking through the party pavements of Dalston, passing "1D is the place to be" bar. #dawnchorus WasThatThunder, 02:47:54 Is relocated and upwards #dawnchorus Eddydreadnought, 02:49:04

Dawn Chorus 2013

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