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February 2014, issue 25 NORFOLK STATE UNIVERSITY ® MAKING WAVES a Newsletter for Faculty, Staff, alumni and Friends of Norfolk State University Achieving Excellence. Success Beyond Measure. They clean our buildings, paint and patch our walls, move our furniture, and maintain our grounds and keep up our buildings and systems. They are the men and women who make up the Department of Facilities Management. This special issue of Making waves is dedicated to those who form the foundation of Norfolk State University and take care of us. Blake Leaves His Mark on NSU w hen Donald Blake first arrived on the Norfolk State campus in 1970 as a 17-year-old freshman, the library was housed in Tidewater Hall (now Brown Hall), Twin Towers where he stayed was the newest dormitory, the old student union had just opened and houses stood on what is now the Marty Miller Baseball Field. That was nearly 45 years ago. Now as the 62-year-old Blake, a mason plasterer in Facilities Management, prepares to retire, the campus has drastically changed. He has witnessed the construction of most of the buildings on campus. “NSU has grown and it has prospered,” he said. Today, the campus includes several recently built structures such as the Lyman Beecher Brooks Library, Student Center, Student Services Building and the nursing and classroom building Continued on page 4 TeLL US wHaT yoU THiNk aBoUT Making Waves. Take the survey. Click Here

Norfolk State University Making Waves Feb. 2014

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