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Foreword Contents Welcome to the NDP4 ExecuƟve Summary! IntroducƟon 06 Review 10 Basic Enablers 14 Economic PrioriƟes 20 Review 04 IntroducƟon Foreword ExecuƟon, Monitoring and EvaluaƟon, 24 NDP4 Areas & Outcomes at a Glance 26 Basic Enablers and Progress ReporƟng NDP_4 ndp4 The official online presence of NDP4. 3 ExecuƟon, M&E This booklet serves as execu ve summary for Namibia’s Fourth Na onal Development Plan NDP4. It is also available as a concise leaflet and complete document, both of which can be downloaded from the website of the Na onal Planning Commission at Economic PrioriƟes How to use this document:

NDP4 Executive Summary

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