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spring service projects March 1–10, 2014 ... as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people. Galatians 6:10a (NIV) Haiti by Eryn Schlote ’14 and Taylor Studer ’14 United Christians International • For the 3rd year, Northwestern students worked alongside missionaries Kristie (De Boer ’95) and JeanJean Mompremier to paint and help lay cement floors in Haitian homes. They also taught English to elementary students, attended youth group events, and hosted vacation Bible school in two villages. Riches in Christ The Haitian people the Mompremiers serve are very poor. A lot of the children didn’t have shoes, and they always welcomed a snack if we had one to offer. They walk miles to school from rundown homes. Their financial and physical needs are great, but we cannot explain the richness of the lives they lead in surrender to Christ. Undoing voodoo Haiti is a nation spellbound by voodoo and intimidated by witchdoctors. Yet hope is spreading as more and more witchdoctors renounce their practices and turn to Jesus. Our team traveled with UCI church leaders to a small home on a hill to pray over a lady who wanted to burn her voodoo fetishes and accept the saving love of Christ. Witchdoctors are possessed by the spirits they serve, so as a powerful witchdoctor, this woman was possessed by many spirits. As the church leaders cast out the demons taking a destructive hold on her life and called upon the Holy Spirit to fill her soul with overflowing grace, we witnessed the power of Jesus’ name and felt the intense presence of the Lord. Planting seeds A common discussion for short-term mission teams arises when members wonder whether their 10 days of work leave any lasting positive effects. The Caiman community we served hosts roughly 20 teams each year. This was the third time a Northwestern team traveled there, and we were able to see projects we’d started had been completed by other teams. It enabled us to see the bigger picture of our ministry to that community. 1 NWC_00009.indd 1 4/22/14 1:29 PM

2014 Spring Service Projects Report

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