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Northern Iowan t h e u n i v e r s i t y o f n o r t h e r n i o wa’s s t u d e n t - p r o d u c e d n e w s p a p e r s i n c e 1 8 9 2 DECEMBER 4, 2012 I TUESDAY VOLUME 109, ISSUE 26 INSIDE THIS ISSUE CEDAR FALLS, IOWA I NORTHERN-IOWAN.ORG NISG NISG votes in support of gradual student teaching fee increase LINH TA NISG Writer MUSIC ENSEMBLES 35 years of UNI Christmas tradition The Varsity Men’s Glee Club packed the Great Hall in the GBPAC for a round of Christmas Variety Shows last weekend, entertaining audiences with traditions old and new. < See PAGE 6 The Northern Iowa Student Government unanimously voted in support of a resolution to gradually increase the student teaching fee on Nov. 28. Recently, the College of Education announced the student teaching fee for Level IV education students would jump from $50 to $350 to compensate cooperating teachers starting in fall 2013. Reasons members of NISG voted in support of the resolution included the recent state requirement for education students to take a second Praxis test, which can cost between $100-$150, the lack of income during stu- LGBT Professors analyze 2012 election results Bienvenido al nuevo América When it comes to the United States’ shifting ethnic demographics, columnist Pope firmly believes a change will do us good. LINH TA News Writer < See PAGE 4 Teaming up to clean up the savanna A team of volunteers joined forces to tidy up the Cedar Bend Savanna, devoting their efforts to a vanishing natural feature in Iowa. < See PAGE 6 DAN LEVEILLE/Wikimedia Commons Individuals participate in the NOH8 Campaign at Los Angeles Pride 2011. University of Northern Iowa students will have photoshoots for the NOH8 campaign on Wednesday Dec. 5 and Thursday Dec. 6. UNI students to partake in ‘NOH8’ photoshoots BRIAN FREESE Staff Writer VOLLEYBALL UNI brings home 1 win from NCAA tourney The UNI women’s volleyball team swept Kansas State in the first round of the national tournament, but fell to No. 4 Nebraska. < See PAGE 8 ONLINE Read about the UNI Robotics Team in the national championship, walking the labyrinth and violent incident workshops. < visit INDEX I SPY AT UNI......................2 OPINION............................4 CAMPUS LIFE....................6 SPORTS.............................8 GAMES............................10 CLASSIFIEDS...................11 < See FEE, page 3 ELECTIONS OPINION CONSERVATION dent teaching and the sudden announcement of the increase. In the resolution, NISG states that they realize the University of Iowa and Iowa University of Northern Iowa students can show their support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community at the “NOH8 at UNI!” events on Wednesday, Dec. 5 and Thursday, Dec. 6 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Maucker Union Ballroom. “The purpose of the event is to show that at UNI we will not stand for hatred and bullying against any population,” said Darin Adams, a senior criminology major. “Anyone and everyone (is invited). I feel that the whole community should join us for this event because they have a vested interest in the success of UNI.” UNI, UNI Proud, ONE Iowa, UNI Feminist Action League and the Northern Iowa Democrats are sponsoring these events, which are free and open to the public. At the event, photogra- phers will take pictures of individuals for the NOH8 website and for social media. In the photos, individuals will wear white t-shirts – provided by the NOH8 campaign – and will have “NOH8” painted on their cheeks. Footage taken during the event will be given to the It Gets Better campaign and posted on YouTube. Celebrity photographer Adam Bouska and partner Jeff Parshley created the NOH8 campaign after California passed Proposition 8, banning same-sex mar- riage, according to the NOH8 campaign website. The campaign styles itself as a photographic silent protest whose “mission is to promote marriage, gender and human equality through education, advocacy, social media and visual protest.” The NOH8 campaign has photos of almost 30,000 individuals, including politicians, military personnel, law enforcement officials, artists and celebrities. “NOH8 at UNI has been made as simple as possible so there needs to be little time commitment for the event,” Adams said. “The goal of the event is to get 3,000 students to join us in making a stand against LGBT bullying and discrimination.” WANT MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE EVENT? Search “NOH8 at UNI!” on Facebook. Although the purpose of the event “Election 2012: What Did It Mean?” was to analyze the results of the 2012 local and national elections, University of Northern Iowa political science department head Donna Hoffman made it clear there is no definitive answer with this quotation from Vladimir Orlando Key, Jr.: “The vocabulary of the voice of the people consist(s) mainly of the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’; and at times, one cannot be certain which word is being uttered.” Hoffman and political science professors Chris Larimer, Scott Peters and Justin Holmes provided a broad range of political analysis of the 2012 election to a crowd of more than 30 individuals in Sabin Hall on Nov. 28. Peters also included insight on the retention of Iowa Supreme Court Justice David Wiggins. Holmes addressed the issues both the Democratic and Republican parties faced during the presidential election, especially in terms of presenting themselves to the public. According to Holmes, challenges for President Barack Obama included the economy and maintaining the coalition that elected him four years ago. Holmes said Republicans believed that in the four years of his presidency, Obama had not delivered on his 2008 campaign slogans “Hope” and “Change” – something the < See ELECTIONS, page 2


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