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S VOL. XXII The Tri County’s Only Multicultural Newspaper In This Issue TRI COUNTY ENTRY NO. 41 FRIDAY, AUGUST 22, 2014 New City Manager Looks Forward to Working in Oxnard Greg Nyhoff, who recently left Modesto to become Oxnard’s new city manager, looks forward to living and working in Oxnard. In particular, he appreciates the city for its vibrant cultural diversity. (Photo Credit: Tim Pompey) government.“I think there’s Despite these challengBy Tim Pompey Greg Nyhoff knows the a tremendous level of frus- es, Nyhoff is happy to be challenges he faces as Ox- tration from some people,” here. There’s the weather, nard’s new city manager, Nyhoff stated. “But, on the the beaches, the potential not the least of which is positive side, it also means for economic develophow annoyed some resi- that there’s a tremendous ment. Most of all, he loves the city’s cultural diversity. dents are with their city amount of passion.” It’s something he’s come to appreciate during his career as a city manager. Having grown up and lived in mostly Caucasian communities in Denver and Michigan, he learned to more fully appreciate racial and cultural differences when he became city manager in Fountain, Colorado (near Ft. Carson) nearly thirty years ago. “I was brought into a community that was very diverse,” he recalled, “and because they depended on each other for their lives, their color didn’t matter to them. Ever since then, I’ve tried to make it a goal to make sure my staff is very diverse.” That diversity is one of the reasons he looks forward to being Oxnard’s city manager. “One of the most beautiful things about this city is that it’s not 7080 percent Caucasian,” he said. “I couldn’t think of a better way to take what I’ve learned about multiculturalism and be the city’s manager.” Not that his hiring didn’t stir up some controversy. He’s aware that the Ventura County NAACP MANAGER, See page 12A Nearly 20,000 Attend the Hueneme Beach Festival See pages 14A & 15A Mom crashes, son killed Mom arrested for Felony DUI A mother has been arrested after slamming her car into a tree in the Port Hueneme area Wednesday, killing one of her children. VENTURA COUNTY, Wednesday, August 13, NaCA -- Latoya Najar, 34, of jar was driving a blue 2002 Camarillo was arrested and Ford Mustang on Pacific DUI, See page 12A faces a felony DUI. Last Petty Officer serves aboard USS Alaska Cop In Ferguson To Protestors: 'I Will F**king Kill You' On Tuesday, August 19, 2014, shortly before midnight, an incident occurred wherein a St. Ann Police Officer pointed a semi-automatic assault rifle at a peaceful protestor after a verbal exchange. It was at this time, a St. Louis County Police Sergeant walked over and immediately took action, forcing the officer to lower the weapon, and escorting him away from the area. By Sebastian Murdock UPDATE: The St. Ann Police Department has released a statement saying the officer involved in threatening protestors has been “suspended indefinitely.” Previously: Video taken Tuesday night during protests in Ferguson, Missouri, show an officer pointing his weapon at civilians, shouting: “I will fucking kill you.” Two separate videos uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday show the officer pointing a rifle at protestors. “Gun raised, gun raised and pointed,” a protestor shouts out, alerting others as the officer approaches closer. “My hands are up,” another protestor says. “I will fucking kill you, get back!” the officer shouts. Another protestor asks for the officer to identify himself. “What’s your name, sir?” he asks. “Go fuck yourself,” the officer replies. In another video, protestors can be heard shouting at the officer to lower his weapon. At least one other cop can be seen trying to deescalate the situation by placing his hand on the weapon to lower it. The officer, who has not yet been identified, can be seen wearing a St. Ann Police Department badge. Phone calls to the department were not immediately returned. On Twitter, the ACLU of Missouri claimed that the officer has been removed from duty. Petty Officer Noah Arnold is a missile technician serving aboard the Kings Bay-based boat. By Lt. Caleb White, Navy Office of Community Outreach KINGS BAY, Ga. – A 2006 El Camino High School graduate and Fillmore, Calif. native is serving in the U.S. Navy as part of a crew working aboard one of the world’s most advanced ballistic missile submarines, the USS Alaska (SSBN 732). Petty Officer Noah Arnold is a missile technician serving aboard the Kings Bay-based boat, one of 14 Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines. Measuring 560 feet long, 42 feet wide and weighing more than OFFICER, See page 12A

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