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summer 2013 Northern California Chapter MS Connection Newsletter accessible Summer Travel considers is bathroom availability. Whether you plan on taking trips around town, around the state, or around the country, traveling with MS can take its toll and often requires some advance planning. Physical limitations such as walking, sensitivity to heat, fatigue, or simply the additional equipment and supplies needed to get around are all factors to take into consideration. Don’t let any of these things stop you from getting out and enjoying life! No matter what extra accommodations you need, there are great accessible travel options to be explored. Recently Doug and a friend traveled to Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County and were able to get out and explore along the paved paths. “Being out there for me in a natural setting is very energizing,” said Doug. Doug Richardson of Petaluma was diagnosed with MS in 1988, but despite his MS, continues to get outdoors. Doug does not drive so the first step in his travel planning is to find someone willing to drive his vehicle. Because he uses a wheelchair, the second thing Doug looks for is a graded or paved area that is wheelchair accessible. And the third thing he INSIDE 04 THIS ISSUE organized trips for people with ms 05 heat and cognition ... continued on page 3 doug richardson doesn’t let ms stop him from getting out and enjoying nature 06 programs to help you live your best life 13 connections come full circle

2013 Summer MS Connection

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