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OKLAHOMA M OV I N G TO WA R D A W O R L D F R E E O F M S FA L L 2 0 1 0 Dedicated Volunteer for 22+ Years By Stephanie Dudley, Marketing Intern Mike Keim has been volunteering with the National MS Society, Oklahoma since 1988, following his older sister’s diagnosis in 1987. His first volunteer experience was with the Tulsa Walk MS (then known as the Super Cities Walk for MS) as a greeter, holding balloons. Mike has continued volunteering over the years as a committee member on the Tulsa Walk MS and Bike MS committees. He also volunteers for Uncorking the Cure for MS and many other MS programs, because of the relationships he has gained through becoming friends with other volunteers. Mike Keim with Brandi Davidson at Walk MS Tulsa 2009 Mike has accumulated many Walk MS and Bike MS shirts after his more than twenty years with the Society and he recently had an opportunity to put them to good use by donating them to a friend whom was sending much needed assistance to Haiti. When I asked Mike which event he assists with was closest to his heart he responded, “If I say one or the other (Bike MS or Walk MS) the opposite would get mad at me.” Continued page 3 Uncorking a Record PAGE 4 OK Corrals MS PAGE 5 Airplane Fly In & High Heels PAGE 6 Oklahoma Bike MS PAGE 12

Fall 2010 MSConnection Oklahoma

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