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OKLAHOMA M OV I N G TO WA R D A W O R L D F R E E O F M S SUMMER 2011 More than 500 People Gearing Up for The Mother of All Rides By Kelly Dooley Bike MS: The Mother Road Ride with presenting sponsor Sam’s Club is the most supported ride in the state. The beauty of it is that you can ride as much or as little as you want. This is the perfect chance for you to get on a bike, ride for yourself and, more importantly, ride for Oklahomans living with multiple sclerosis. More than 500 people are getting in spandex to go from Tulsa to Oklahoma City this September. Join them as they get on their bikes and ride from Tulsa to Chandler, Okla. on Day One. Then, celebrate with each other with food, a live band and plenty of fun on Saturday night. On Sunday morning, everyone gets on their bikes and finishes at the State Capitol steps in Oklahoma City. Register today to ride or volunteer at bikeMSok. org and join us Sept. 17-18. Smarty Pants Trivia Night Oklahomans Step Up at PAGE 3 Walk MS Events PAGE 6 Bike MS Cyclists Jeff and Carissa Ramming Battle of the Bands PAGE 8 Are You an MS Activist? PAGE 10

Oklahoma Summer 2011 MSConnection

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