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OKLAHOMA M OV I N G TO WA R D A W O R L D F R E E O F M S FA L L 2 0 1 2 Volunteer Highlight: Jody Bukacek of Oklahoma City, OK Some volunteers dedicate time to one event or area that is dear to their hearts. Others find a multitude of ways to stay involved year-round. We’d like to highlight Jody Bukacek for her continuous and far-reaching volunteerism: Volunteer Areas • Programs & Services, Government Relations, Walk MS, and Scholarship Committees • MS Ambassadors and Health Fairs • Peer counseling and Self-Help Groups • Holiday Homebound Gift MS Volunteer, Jody Bag delivery Bukacek, and her show dogs – Trouper, Chances R, • Certified Information & and Howdy Raudi. Referral Specialist Uncorking the Cure for MS PAGE 4 MS Supporters Making a Difference PAGE 5 Years Spent Volunteering for the Society 18 Reason for Volunteering Her partner, Linda Chance, was diagnosed with MS in late 1993. They started doing as much research as possible to see how they could learn more and get involved. The Best Part about Volunteering “Meeting all the wonderful people and hoping that I can make a difference in the fight against MS,” says Jody. Her Biggest Accomplishments • Induction into the National Volunteer Hall of Fame. • Being able to fund scholarships in honor of Linda. • Knowing that she can be here to help those in the fight against MS. Continued page 3 Walk MS Muskogee Coming Oct. 6 PAGE 6 Bike MS Highlight PAGE 14

Fall 2012 MSConnection Oklahoma

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