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WHAT’S IN A NAME? The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish revived the historic name, “The Conservationist,” for our newsletter to showcase the excellent conservation work our dedicated professionals do in the field of wildlife management. Conservation, often misconstrued as preservation, is the wise use of our resources. The Department is dedicated to the long-term well-being of New Mexico’s fish and wildlife and the benefit to the people of this great state. It is our Mission, to provide and maintain an adequate supply of wildlife and fish within the state of New Mexico by utilizing a flexible management system that provides for their protection, conservation, regulation, propagation, and for their use as public recreation and food supply. August 2012 l Vol. 1 No. 3 Wildfires and N.M. fish, wildlife Photos: Blake Swanson, above; Rourke McDermott, left Elk began moving into the burn area months after the 2011 Las Conchas Fire. TABLE OF CONTENTS l Director’s View .............. Page 2 l Fish and wildfire ............ Page 4 l Track Fire recovery ........ Page 5 l Little Bear Fire help......... Page 6 l Whitewater-Baldy Fire.....Page 7 l Events Calendar ............. Page 9 Department addresses impacts on state’s bird, big-game populations By Donald Auer New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, Habitat Projects Coordinator N ew Mexico has experienced several large, destructive wildfires in the past decade, including two of the largest ever in the state. Each of those fires had significant effects on the state’s wildlife. Fire and upland game birds New Mexico is home to nine species of upland game birds (Galliforms) found in habitats ranging from Chihuahuan desert (Gambel’s and scaled quail) to coniferous forests (dusky grouse). The effect of fire on these species varies with respect to fire intensity, time, and the interaction between these variables and rainfall. . . . continued on Page 3

The Conservationist

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