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ASEP Biannual Barnard College Message from ASEP Volume 1, Issue 4 The Academic Success and Enrichment Program (ASEP) staff is very glad to present the fourth issue of the ASEP newsletter. We are committed to providing opportunities that will enrich and complement the intellectual life of all students. We work in collaboration with various College offices to achieve its objectives in recognition of the College’s mission: to engage students in rigorous academic experiences while providing the support needed to meet academic challenges and to discover their own capabilities. Since its inception in 2008, we have used the newsletter as a medium to display the Spring 2013 The Newsletter for the Academic Success and Enrichment Programs at Barnard College Dean Michell Tollinchi-Michel incredible accomplishments that students within our programs have been engaging in. It is with great delight that we present articles written by current Barnard Students and Barnard Alumnae. We hope you enjoy it! We are very excited to congratulate our graduating strong beautiful Barnard women and wish them success in their lives post Barnard! Miss Virgin Islands Camila Daniels (CD) is currently a senior at Barnard College majoring in applied mathematics and the current president of the Black Organization of Soul Sisters (BOSS). She was crowned Miss Virgin Islands on July 23rd, 2011. Below is an interview conducted by Mariany Polanco (MP) where we get first hand insight on Camila’s experiences in the pageant! MP: How did you become interested in running for Miss Virgin Islands? CD: I became interested in running for Miss Virgin Islands as a senior in high school. I attended the pageant and played the Virgin Islands March and National Anthem, and I was very impressed by the contestants that year. MP: How would you describe your experience in the compe- tition? CD: It definitely pushed me outside of my comfort zone, but I learned a lot from the other contestants. There were women who had already graduated from college and had started their own businesses, who were pursuing professional degrees, and Miss Massachusetts was already a dental hygienist! Continued on page 5 Inside this issue: Miss Virgin Islands 1&5 From Nepal to Spelman To 2 The Lechon Mask 2-3 The STEP Experience 3 Reflections of a Recent Grad 4 Making Strides Globally 4 From STEP to Barnard 5&6 Women Changing Brazil 6 The Annual CSTEP Conference 7 Farewell 6

Spring 2013 newsletter

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