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B A R N A R D C O L L E G E ASEPBIANNUAL The Newsletter for the Academic Success and Enrichment Programs at Barnard College A Biannual Newsletter Issue 5, Fall 2013 Expanding Horizons in China By Naomi Dubissette HEOP & MMUF student Christina Gee spent the summer abroad in Beijing, China. For many MMUF students, the path to wisdom is not restricted to campus but may lead to unfathomable places. Many MMUF students share one common characteristic: the desire to achieve education and understand the world around them, even if that desire may lead to an unrelenting search for answers. MMUF student Christina Gee is no different and her quest for understanding is the reason why the senior has declared a major in sociology at Barnard College. Sociology, the study of human life and how groups interact within Christina Gee, social settings, places an emphasis HEOP & on studying individuals from a MMUF Class of global perspective. Christina’s of 2014 student desire to understand the elements of on the Great Wall of China. human life from a global perspective did not cease with the end of the spring semester, but lead her to intimately learn about daily life in a follow whatever path would give her bustling, developing city. Being in Beijing answers, a path that would lead her all the challenged me to not only adapt to a new way to Beijing, China. lifestyle and culture, but also to rethink my personal necessities for comfort and happiness. I learned that an umbrella has On a thirteen hour flight, Christina Gee everyday utility as shelter against sun and traveled to Beijing not just to “see” the rain. I learned that rush hour is the worst culture as most travelers do, but to engage time to travel, but perhaps the most exciting on a deeper level. Her engagement meant too. I learned going somewhere could be as listening to the stories of her host family, becoming immersed in the culture, and self- rewarding as getting there. Perhaps most importantly, I learned the most valuable reflection at the end of the day. The result thing one could pack is an open-mind, and was that Christina gained insight not only into Chinese culture, but her own life as her the most interesting souvenir I brought back with me are my stories.” experience helped her to look inward and gain a deeper understanding of herself. As Christina writes, “for nine-weeks, I stayed What Christina achieved on her nine-week with a host-family and was able to journey is perhaps the dream of many ASEP BIANNUAL sociologists. Not only was she able to glean insight from a new culture, but she can now apply her newfound knowledge to her own life, taking a personal approach to the study of sociology. Such an accomplishment cannot come about by reading a textbook or watching an American-Chinese representation of Chinese culture portrayed on television, but only by taking the time to really see the culture and thinking about it. Christina thanks the generous support of the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship, which has opened the door to access beyond what a classroom could provide. 0 1

Asep fall 2013 newsletter

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