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Collection Retrospect BY RUPERT BROOKE In your arms was still delight, Quiet as a street at night; And thoughts of you, I do remember, Were green leaves in a darkened chamber, Were dark clouds in a moonless sky. Love, in you, went passing by, Penetrative, remote, and rare, Like a bird in the wide air, And, as the bird, it left no trace In the heaven of your face. In your stupidity I found The sweet hush after a sweet sound. All about you was the light That dims the greying end of night; Desire was the unrisen sun, Joy the day not yet begun, With tree whispering to tree, Without wind, quietly. Wisdom slept within your hair, And Long-Suffering was there, And, in the flowing of your dress, Undiscerning Tenderness. And when you thought, it seemed to me, Infinitely, and like a sea, About the slight world you had known Your vast unsconsciousness was thrown . . .


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O haven without wave or tide! Silence, in which all songs have died! Holy book, where hearts are still! And home at length under the hill! O mother quiet, breasts of peace, Where love itself would faint and cease! O infinite deep I never knew, I would come back, come back to you, Find you, as a pool unstirred, Kneel down by you, and never a word, Lay my head, and nothing said, In your hands, ungarlanded; And a long watch you would keep; And I should sleep, and I should sleep! Source: Poetry (October 1914).


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I am now hearing Christmas music on the radio, the lights are going up around my community, and I've seen a few Christmas trees in windows. Do you decorate early and listen to holiday songs or wait till December? I like to wait until just after Thanksgiving and then I jump into the holiday spirit. It's hard to believe it will be half way through the school year soon. This month we finished a fun science project with Jake---check out the story on page 6. Nathan started High School basketball and we'll soon find out if Jake will be in middle school basketball. I attended the GirlTalkTV trunk show event and met so many nice people, bought my daughter some cute earrings and a bracelet and myself a great egg platter from The Clay Place. An upcoming event, Dec. 4th, that I'm looking forward to attending is the Blue Mangrove Gallery's 8th Anniversary. They will be hosting famous black & white photographer Clyde Butcher and he'll be signing autographs. Enjoy our giveaway from www.SEMYART.com. They will be giving away a Christmas Santa treasure! Enter on our giveaway page for your chance to win. If you'd like to be a contributor or are interested in advertising, visit our website or send us an email at info@heartbeatmag.com!


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This month's cover features Abigail Jones as Snow White, costume by Amy Adititar. Photographed by Bonnie Smith-Jones.


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by Lee Heyward

Make sure your skirts are ready for fall with great tights. They are a good way to jazz up your favorite dress or skirt and can help you stay warm. Be sure your tights wardrobe includes . . . Basic Black and Chocolate Tights. Try the reversible option from SPANX. You get two tights in one. Nude Tights. When you need tights that will go with absolutely anything, nude is the way to go. Choose a small fishnet or pattern to add a little pizzazz. Patterned Tights. Why not add a little more fun to your basic tights with a small pattern. A Wild Card. Show your style personality with tights that have bold color or a big pattern. It’s a great way to change up a neutral sweater dress or solid skirt.

The Children's Fashion Blog Outfit and Kid's Style

Fiammisday.com Blogger Simona from Florence, Italy

My love for MSGM is something very well known. I've also loved MSGM KIDS since I first saw the line at PITTI BIMB (the International Fair of Children's Wear) in Florence, Italy. This time I decided to devote myself completely to Fiammetta. This ROCK FLOWERS collection seems made for her and for me, ah, if I had ten years. It is a collection incredibly modern, gritty, enveloping, and super super romantic. The materials are those of today (neoprene) and prints are the same as ever (flowers and intense colors). The cuts are perfect and the details are farsighted. The curled sleeves of the mini dress and the dropped sleeves of the coat make these garments completely centered and perfectly modern. Fiammetta is at ease, she is happy, she plays, she gets dirty, she runs, and she is always perfect. The materials used for the ROCK FLOWERS collection are fantastic. They allow every movement, stains are easy to remove, and no ironing! And we can tell that because we do at least seven million movements per day. Fiammetta never stands still. Here's a photo of her love for MSGM KIDS. HAVE A SPECIAL DAY!


by Shelly Aristizabal of Business Women Connect

Q: How can I improve my attitude? A: Gratitude is truly the attitude that will change everything. We can stop the natural, negative doubts deep inside our minds by redirecting them toward abundance. This simple shift can change your world and all that you can create in it. An attitude of gratitude will adjust your mind to focus on the positive. You will discover and create more of the same, experiencing more abundance, prosperity, well-being, love, and happiness. I challenge you to do something I make a point of doing everyday. Before I get out of bed in the morning, I say or write down at least 3 to 5 items I am most grateful for AND why I am grateful for them. Example: I am grateful for my excellent health, because it allows me to do everything I need to do today. I am grateful for the beautiful sunny weather; I get to appreciate all the beauty around me. I am grateful for my amazing 4 kids; they bring me so much joy and love.

by Nicole Flothe My friend, Bonnie Smith-Jones, has many talents. I first met her at a SWFL Basketball game when she was the referee, then again at our kids' school. My son and her daughter are in the same grade. Lately, she has become quite a photographer and recently she posted a few photos on Facebook of her daughter, Abigail, as Snow White in a play. They were so pretty and I thought Snow White would be a perfect cover as we head into the holidays. How did Abigail get the part of Snow White? My daughter, Abigail, was Snow White in the PRHS drama production of "Into the Woods." They performed Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings. My Abigail, Snow White, had a small part in the play. My neighbor helped direct the play and asked if Abigail would participate. This photo was taken on opening night. My daughter and I would have loved to attend, but we found out about the show after it was over. I asked Bonnie to keep us informed on the next performance in the spring. Looking forward to attending!



by Cheryl Flothe Travel to visit my sister in the Seattle, Washington area usually involves a road trip somewhere interesting and fun. When we were there in October she suggested we take the ferry to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. Ferry trips are always an adventure, no matter where they take you. Being out on the water, watching seabirds, boats, and the occasional whale is a treat. It’s a two hour drive from Seattle to Anacortes, where you catch the ferry, then the trip to Friday Harbor is about an hour and a half. Friday Harbor is a small, walkable town with plenty to do on foot---art galleries, bookshops, boutiques, and restaurants. You can also visit the Whale Museum, Historical Museum, or a community theater. Other adventures are whale watching (best dates are June 10September 10), sea kayaking, hiking, bicycling, hiking, birding, and boating.

Raccoon in Corkscrew

Dueling Wood Storks in Corkscrew

Incoming ferry at Friday Harbor.

Friday Harbor is a walkable town. (Photo from Wikipedia.)

Many ferries come and go each day.

Boat harbor for the town of Friday Harbor.


To see other points on the island there’s a shuttle or you can take your car. At the far end of the island is a sculpture park and a scenic boat harbor; and in the center of the island are a lavender farm, vineyard, and campground. Lime Kiln Point State Park is also called, “Whale Watching Park.” It sounds like a good place to be for whale sightings, in season, if you’re not taking a whale watching charter. We enjoyed our day window shopping, visiting the informative Whale Museum, and lingering at the park. Then we had a leisurely lunch on the waterfront. You can take the ferry to Friday Harbor as a walk-on for $12.00 apiece or bring your vehicle and drive around. When traveling to the island by ferry you only pay for Westbound travel, so you can visit other islands on your Eastbound return to Anacortes. We just walked on, but next time we plan to take a car and see more of the San Juans during whale watching season. That will be a real adventure!

Sailboats are a common sight.

Ferries pass each other from morning 'til night.

Ferry Passenger Walk-ons Breathing in the fresh air is part of the fun!


I also love finding common things between the character and myself. She loved to read and grabbed every minute she could to indulge. The story focused on the detective's wanting to bust a guy named Rock for drug dealing and the dangers we can have right around the corner of our own local churches. Another thing I was interested in learning was that there is a place called Christmas, Florida. Patrons wanting to mail packages and letters postmarked ‘Christmas, FL’ would have been swarming the small post office they’d just passed. I liked how the author brought messages from the pastor into Sonja's thoughts. From one of Pastor Wicham’s sermons surfaced in her mind. Some folk allow past hurts to shackle them . . .

She had to forgive him, so she could be free to receive love—Max’s love. Lord, I forgive Deon for hurting me. I ask that you forgive me for holding this in my heart for so long. by Nicole Flothe I wasn't sure what I would think about a book called Prison, but I really enjoyed the story. Sonja Grey, a narcotics detective, and her nemesis, Max Trent, are handpicked to go undercover to capture a thug—Johnny Stone, aka Rock—who’s dealing drugs at Sonja’s church. Their operation is unwittingly aided by the interference of Sonja’s eccentric aunties. For Max, this assignment has two objectives: get their villain and capture Sonja’s heart.

Will Sonja break free of the shackles of her past and embrace Max’s love, or will they be destroyed by danger? Here are my highlights (notes) from the book: “Prison is filled with intrigue and charm—a great mixture of suspense, playfulness, and romance!” – Lynn Zuk-Lloyd While I was reading, I found out the book took place in Orlando. I always find it intriguing when a book is written in a location I've been to. Max, one of the main characters, revealed their location by this statement, "He wanted Sonja Grey since the moment he’d laid eyes on her a year ago when he’d joined the Undercover Drug Unit of the Orlando Police Department Drug Enforcement Division."

Some of the statements are so quote worthy: “You know, people make choices and never think about the devastation they’re setting into motion.”

“My heart’s desire is to see him turn to the Lord and be set free. Free of the deep, burning anger—at his parents and God—and unforgiveness.” Max really shows his love and devotion to Sonja throughout the book. "Sonja, don’t you know that my heart beats in time with yours?" and "No more altercations, Sonja. Okay? My heart can’t take it.” Another true fact...“First impressions are powerful.” And finially, this is what I felt the true meaning of the book was all about: “It took me a while, but I realized I’d been allowing that painful experience to hold me prisoner. Until I dealt with all of that baggage, I wasn’t free to get involved with anyone.” smile. “But I know I can trust Max with my heart. He won’t trample on it." To learn more about the author visit http://www.tonivlee.com Book provided by Booklookbloggers.com


November Apps by Nicole Flothe

Into Tomorrow's Thanksgiving with your Tech... by Beth Gatrell It’s almost time for friends and family to gather for Thanksgiving. Many will be looking for the best decorations and recipes to make a great celebration. Food Network, Southern Living, and Delish have some awesome recipe ideas to try. And visiting All You, Woohome, and Pop Sugar have decorating ideas

I was researching online for an app that offers a loyalty card and I found a cool app called LoyalBlocks. I'm still learning how to use the features, but it will be handy in marketing and offering loyalty perks to my customers. This month I was reading an article and it said that coffee house noise can actually increase your brains productivity and so Coffitivity streams coffee house sounds on your phone or online. Another app is Groups, I have a lot of groups on Facebook and this app helps streamline them. Of course I love to have photo fun apps and so added Waterlogue, PhotoBlender, and Aviary to my photography adventures. If you're looking for a few games for your brain, One More Line and Sing Free are great, especially for the holidays. Lastly, USPS AR is a free educational app from the post office that gives holiday shipping tips and specials. Happy Holidays!

covered. If you aren’t one to cook, but are hosting, try your favorite local food, retailers like Whole Foods or Cracker Barrel. Many are offering orders to go ranging from desserts to the full Thanksgiving meal. And if you’d rather go out, Restaurant.com has a listing of places that will be open. For some Thanksgiving fun you can hunt for your own turkey right from your mobile device with the Stickman Turkey Hunter App or visit Spoonful and Parents for some kid-friendly fun and recipes. For a cool kids’ look at the First Thanksgiving, check out National Geographic Kids for a great explanation. If you’re a football fan, check out NFL.com for a listing of teams playing on Thanksgiving, as well as fun facts including the history of Thanksgiving football games and top plays. If you’re looking to do good while giving thanks, check out Scary Mommy to see how you can help families in need of a Thanksgiving. Or send your thanks to our US Troops! We wish all of our Friends a safe and Happy Thanksgiving from Into Tomorrow!

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