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BCY EXPANDS ITS RANGE OF HALO SERVING Now available in .014”, 0.19”, .024” and .030” sizes BCY has added two new sizes to its range of Halo serving material: by Paul Davison For the past umpteen years, there’s been a great debate as to whether the Outdoor Nationals should be three or five days in duration. There are too many different reasons favoring each format to list here, but Dakota Archery, the host club, came up with a neat compromise that would just about satisfy everyone; namely, a combination of the 3-day and 5-day formats. As NFAA and Dakota Archery President Bruce Cull outlined in the Apr/May 2006 issue of this magazine, the 2006 format is as follows: Monday, 28 Field; Tuesday, 28 Hunter; Wednesday, 28 Animal; Thursday, 28 Field; and Friday, 28 Hunter. The total of one Field round, one Hunter round and the Animal round is the best one can score for the week. Each competitor had the option of: (1) shooting all five days and discarding their lower Field and Hunter scores, (2) shooting only Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, (3) shooting only Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, or (4) shooting only Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday was the only day all competitors had to shoot. Since the Unmarked 3-D National Championship was held Saturday and Sunday, the two days preceding start of the Outdoor Nationals, it meant that those wishing to shoot both tournaments were not required to stay a full seven days. Now, one could combine the 3-D with option (2) above for just five consecutive days: Saturday through Wednesday. Last year, many 3-D participants didn’t register for the five-day Outdoor just because seven days of intense competition was either too expensive, or too exhausting, or both. After all, Dakota Archery’s offer to have the tournaments back-to-back was based on introducing 3-D shooters to Field Archery at the highest competitive level. Because of the 3-day/5-day format, and the fact that not everyone was present until Wednesday, the traditional Opening Ceremonies and Pro-Am team event were moved from Sunday to Wednesday evening, as well as from Yankton’s Crane-Youngworth Field to the practice range at Gavins Point. Likewise, Sunday’s Unmarked 3-D Championship awards were presented in the Best Western’s air conditioned conference center, rather than at the unbearably hot football stadium. Being NFAA Historian and nostalgia buff, this reporter did a survey among the old-timers here. My question was, “Who has attended the most consecutive Outdoor Nation- .014” diameter Halo for serving areas on the string and serving where there is high abrasion but the diameter of the serving must be very small. 0.30” diameter Halo for center serving when a small number of strands are used in the string. All Halo serving material is 100% Spectra and has high abrasion resistance For more information, contact BCY at: 697 Middle Street, Middletown, CT 06457, U.S.A. Phone: 860-632-7115 • Fax: 860-632-5775 e-mail: • web site: 4 Archery Magazine October/November 2006 Archery Magazine October/November 2006 5

Oct/ Nov 06

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