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S Y R A C U S E UPDATE KRAMER More on the explosive crude oil that passes through town. FREE W W W. S Y R A C U S E N E W T I M E S . C O M Tom Townsley: Humor, wisdom and a wicked harmonica. 09 TECH The five best Internet music apps. 20 WEEKEND WARRIOR A review of June’s road races. 59 I S S U E N U M B E R 3 4 7 6 J U N E 4 TH - 1 1 TH R E A D ! S H A R E ! R E C Y C L E ! MUSIC Summer s e TSiem e Inside! MAYOR STEPHANIE MINER: ROUND 2 Reflections on a second term By Walt Shepperd Mourning the end of a relationship becomes Jeff’s Electra.

Syracuse Newtimes 06-04-2014

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