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S Y R A C U S E MUSIC STAGE A Gypsy influence at the Skaneateles Festival Page 23 FREE Making God Laugh premieres at Cortland Rep Page 25 W W W. S Y R A C U S E N E W T I M E S . C O M NOMINATE Best of Syracuse® SANITY FAIR Trumped up controversy affects U.S. policy 09 Through August 27th Kitchen renovation opens possibilities for café 42 LIVING SPACE Persistence pays off in Franklin Square 43 A U G U S T 2 0 TH - 2 6 TH FOOD ISSUE NUMBER 4474 Dan Baird will rock the Dinosaur BarB-Que 24 READ! SHARE! RECYCLE! MUSIC ARE CITY TEACHERS SAFE? The district, employees and parents wrestle with discipline and academics By Ed Griffin-Nolan What to do? Look inside!

Syracuse Newtimes 8 20 2014

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